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The Horror of Slumber Party Mountain
Season 3, Episode 93
Air date 12 November 1992
Written by Paul Dini
Directed by Greg Rayna
Gag credit Elmyra's wardrobe by - Miss Take
End tag Furrball: "ROAR! Meow."
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The Horror of Slumber Party Mountain is the fifteenth episode of the third season of Tiny Toon Adventures, and the 93rd episode overall.


The title "Elmyra's Scary, Really Scary Monster Movie" appears with a haunted mansion displayed in the background. Elmyra Duff is sitting on a couch wearing a black dress and black wig with her signature bow, holding a struggling Furrball and painting him red. Furrball escapes and Buster, dressed like a crew member, tells her to start the show. Elmyra hugs Buster as he tells her to read the cue card. Elmyra greets the audience and says they will be watching a horror movie called The Horror of Slumber Party Mountain. Buster, who has been trying to escape Elmyra's grasp throughout her introduction, turns on a movie projector.

A hooded figure is shown walking through a forest at night, making loud sounds when walking and scaring all the animals. The figure turns out to be Babs wearing a cape and carrying some logs. Babs goes into a cabin and sees Fifi in the kitchen. Babs quietly sneaks up behind Fifi and scares her by yelling "Boo!" Fifi gets even and scares Babs by pretending a spider is on her shirt. Fifi sees a hooded figure with an axe enter the cabin and tries to tell Babs, but Babs thinks she's joking again and doesn't believe her until she turns around and sees the figure too. It turns out to be Shirley, giving Babs back her axe since she left outside. Babs reminds the girls that they've come to this cabin to have a nice peaceful weekend, not to scare each other. They take a vow over a plate of s'mores to stop playing pranks. Babs then pushes Shirley's and Fifi's hands down hard on the s'mores, covering both of them in marshmallow fluff. Babs laughs and says she couldn't resist.

Later that night, the girls play with Shirley's ouija board by the fireplace. Shirley announces that Fifi's secret lover is Fowlmouth and Babs' is Dizzy Devil, much to their horror. Shirley insists that the ouija spirits don't lie and asks the board who her secret lover is. The board spells Plucky's name and the image of Plucky on the board leaps up and kisses Shirley. Babs and Fifi laugh, reminding her that the spirits don't lie. Shirley angrily throws her pillow at them, starting a huge pillow fight. Suddenly, the lights go out. Babs reminds the others that they weren't going to scare each other anymore, but Fifi and Shirley insist they didn't do anything. A loud growl scares them and they hurriedly light a candle to restore the light. They run to the back door to escape, but a monster blocks their path. The monster covers the girls in slime and quickly leaves the cabin. Babs realizes the slime is actually shaving cream and suspects Buster was behind it. Sure enough, they look outside and see Buster's, Plucky's and Hamton's footprints. Babs declares, a la Scarlett O'Hara, "With Warners as my witness, Buster Bunny will never wreck a slumber party again!"

In the second act, Elmyra welcomes the audience back as Furrball plays with a strip of film hanging down. Elmyra turns on the projector. The strip of film wraps around Furrball and he gets trapped in the projector.

Buster, Plucky and Hamton camp out a short distance from the girl's cabin and sit around a campfire roasting marshmallows. They congratulate themselves for successfully ruining the girl's slumber party with their prank. Hamton feels guilty at first, much to Buster's and Plucky's surprise, but then he laughs about Fifi's tail frizzing up when she was scared. Hamton and Plucky eat their marshmallows and Plucky also snatches Buster's marshmallow and eats it. Buster decides to scare Plucky as revenge. He announces that they should get more wood because "we don't want him coming around," referring to One-Eyed Jack. Plucky and Hamton ask who One-Eyed Jack is (despite the fact that they were dressed like him to prank the girls) and Buster tells them the legend. One-Eyed Jack was a dumb hulk of a rabbit who was ostracized by other rabbits. One day, Jack was run over by a truck driven by a demented taxidermist. The taxidermist takes Jack to his studio to add him to his collection of other stuffed animals. He remakes Jack with a pair of antlers and kisses him. Jack wakes up, now a snarling jackalope monster, and destroys the studio. Buster concludes the tale saying Jack escaped into the forest, where they are camping, and lives to this very day. Plucky and Hamton freak out and hide in a tree. Buster laughs and says One-Eyed Jack is a myth and the story is one every camper knows.

All of a sudden, the boys hear loud growling from behind a bush, which takes the shape of a head and sprouts antlers. The boys think it's One-Eyed Jack and run away. It turns out to be Babs, Shirley and Fifi scaring the boys as revenge. As the girls take off their disguise, Fifi and Shirley suddenly get scared and say One-Eyed Jack's name over and over. Babs asks what's wrong and Shirley exclaims that One-Eyed Jack is standing right behind them. One-Eyed Jack growls at the girls and they freak out. Fifi picks up Shirley, who is paralyzed with fear, and runs off with her. Babs tries to sweet-talk Jack by calling him handsome, but he tosses her into the air and she lands in a stump. Babs climbs out as she, Shirley and Fifi run for their lives screaming with One-Eyed Jack in pursuit. Elmyra also leaps off the couch screaming and falls on top of the movie projector and breaks it. She says there will be a slight break due to technical difficulties.

The projector is fixed and the third act begins. Elmyra holds Furrball, still wrapped up in the film strip, and turns the movie on for the finale. Furrball tries to run, but Elmyra recaptures him and plays with him like he's a yo-yo.

Babs, Shirley, and Fifi make it back to their cabin safely and use all the furniture to block the door to prevent One-Eyed Jack from getting in. They don't realize that he's already in the cabin until after they add him to the pile of furniture in front of the door. He growls at them and they start to run away, but Fifi stops and says she'll stop him. She bravely marches up to him and sprays him with her tail (making her the only character who tries to fight back). Unfortunately, One-Eyed Jack isn't affected and blows the stink cloud into Fifi's face, making her dizzy. Babs and Shirley escape out the back door while One-Eyed Jack captures Fifi. Babs and Shirley run until they reach a scary-looking, abandoned mansion and run inside to hide. To their surprise, the mansion is full of the taxidermist's stuffed animals. Meanwhile, Elmyra remarks that she loves stuffed animals and starts stuffing popcorn into Furrball's mouth. Shirley walks up to a stuffed animal that looks like Plucky and criticizes how ugly it looks. She pulls the beak down, but it turns out to be the real Plucky pretending to be stuffed. Buster and Hamton emerge from stuffed animals they were hiding in and explain to the girls they're hiding from a monster that scared them earlier. The girls explain that they were the monster scaring them for revenge, but now there's a real monster outside. Plucky doesn't believe them and opens the front door, only to be grabbed by a waiting One-Eyed Jack.

Buster tells Babs, Shirley and Hamton that they should all stick together if they want to make it out alive. They literally stick together by standing back-to-back and walking together. Shirley says she's thirsty and the group makes their way to the kitchen. Shirley walks up to the sink to get a drink of water, but One-Eyed Jack's hand reaches out of the faucet and pulls her into it. The others don't realize she's gone and start to leave, but Hamton sees the refrigerator and stops to get a snack. When he opens the door, he's grabbed by One-Eyed Jack as well. Buster and Babs realize they're the only ones left and decide to go upstairs after they hear growling from the basement. Busters makes it up the staircase, but when Babs approaches, the bottom stairs open up. She falls and is captured by One-Eyed Jack. Buster wonders where she went as One-Eyed Jack stands behind him and growls at him. Buster sprints out of the mansion, through the forest and across railroad tracks. He reaches the ocean and paddles out as far as he can in a kayak. He stops when he realizes he's not being chased and feels sad that he was the only one who survived. Suddenly, One-Eyed Jack's hand bursts through the boat, grabs Buster and pulls him underwater.

One-Eyed Jack carries Buster to a dungeon and locks him in a cage. All the other characters are trapped in the dungeon as well: Fifi, Shirley and Babs are also in cages while Plucky and Hamton are chained to the wall by their wrists. Buster is happy to see his friends are all right. Plucky wonders fearfully what ghastly tortures One-Eyed Jack has planned for them. One-Eyed Jack pulls down a zipper on his chest and reveals himself to be Elmyra in disguise. Elmyra exclaims "It's cuddle time!" and then says to the audience "Don't you just love a movie with a surprise ending?" All of Elmyra's captives scream in horror, manage to break free from the cages/chains, run over Elmyra and escape by making a hole in the wall from the filming studio. Furrball, severely bloated from all the popcorn Elmyra fed and gave him, immediately rolls after them.


  • "Elmyra's Scary, Really Scary Monster Movie" is a parody of Cassandra Peterson's character of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, a Gothic vampire-like woman who hosted late-night horror movie shows in the 1990s.


  • The Ouija board telling Babs Bunny that Dizzy Devil is her secret lover is obviously meant to be a joke, as in "Hare-Raising Night", Babs has made it her rule not to date outside her own species.
  • Steven Bramson won a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Music Direction and Composition for this episode.
  • Production-wise, this is the final episode where Charlie Adler voices Buster before he quit the series for not receiving a part in Spielberg's next show, Animaniacs. As a result, one of his lines was done by his replacement, John Kassir, who would now take over as Buster for the rest of the series. However, Adler did return to voice Buster in the unreleased 2002 game, Defenders of the Universe.
  • Also production-wise, this is the last episode animated at both Wang Films Productions and Cuckoo's Nest Studios. Tiny Toon Spring Break would later be animated solely at Wang Films since the 86th produced episode "Flea for Your Life".


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Charlie Adler Buster Bunny
John Kassir Buster Bunny (Additional Lines)
Tress MacNeille Babs Bunny
Cree Summer Elmyra Duff
Joe Alaskey Plucky Duck, Scientist
Don Messick Hamton J. Pig
Kath Soucie Fifi La Fume
Frank Welker Furrball, One-Eyed Jack
Gail Matthius Shirley the Loon


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