The Elmyra Swarm is a group of girls that look, act and even sound like Elmyra Duff. They appear in the episode "It's Buster Bunny Time". They serve as a parody of the Peanut Gallery in The Howdy Doody Show. Like the original Elmyra, they are all voiced by Cree Summer.


The group consists of girls who dress like Elmyra, but with different skin colors (excluding the original Elmyra and three other girls with the same skin color, but with different hair colors), including an African-American Elmyra, an Asian Elmyra and a Hindi Elmyra.


They were first introduced by Buster as the Peanut Gallery of the show, in which the original Elmyra responded to the viewers, "I have a big family". When they wanted Buster, he also introduced them to Plucky as a marionette, but then they revolted and chased Buster all over the set. Later, they appeared again as they played with their new "pet", Calamity, who was being mistreated by them. At the same time, Buster built a fence with barbed wires to keep them contained, but they were not pleased with this and simultaneously cried (giving Calamity just enough time to escape). When Buster announced the next cartoon starred Montana Max, all of the Elmyras held up pictures of him, then swooned over him. In their last appearance, while all the Elmyras kept repeating, "Bunny", the original Elmyra used a ladder to climb down, only to have Dizzy Devil crack a whip at her several times, forcing her to return to her seat. During the first minute of The Anvil Chorus, one by one, the Elmyras got flattened by falling anvils.


  • Of all the Elmyras in the group, the only one who is seen wearing orange is the only one with two ribbons instead of one.
  • Like the original Elmyra, the Elmyra Swarm seems to have a crush on Montana Max, too.

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