The Bridge Troll (left) with Buster (right)

The Bridge Troll is a minor character on Tiny Toon Adventures. He appears in the Brave Tales of Real Rabbits episode segment, Day for Knight. he is voiced by Maurice LaMarche.


The Bridge Troll is shown to be a small green hairy troll.

Appearances on the Show

In a mission to save Babs from The Dragon, Buster, as Sir Buster of Acme, encounters the Troll who tells him that if he doesn't have any money (or to a lesser extent, belly button lint), then he must face 3 challenges before being permitted to cross the bridge. The first is defeating The Beige Knight. After defeating the Knight, The Troll tells Buster that for the second challenge, he must answer a riddle. The riddle that the Troll asks is, "What did Napoleon say at the the Battle of Waterloo?". When Buster says, "I give up." The troll then says, "Darn. They always get that one right." For the last challenge, Buster must face against, as described by the Bridge Troll, "Three guys with spears, who run straight at you and fall off the cliff." Three guys with spears charge straight at Buster, but he steps to the left side and the three guys fall off the cliff. Buster passes the third challenge, and is able to cross the bridge. The Bridge Troll is later seen at the end of the cartoon as a customer at Ye Old Tacos where he orders a McBoar Head Sandwich, Cajun style and is given it to by Buster and the Dragon.

Appearances in Video Games

The Bridge Troll appears as an enemy in the forest levels of Buster's Hidden Treasure for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. His basic attack is tossing tomatoes.


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