The Beige Knight is a one-time character on Tiny Toon Adventures. He is a villain and one of the Bridge Troll's challenges who appears in the Brave Tales of Real Rabbits episode segment Day for Knight. he is voiced by Maurice LaMarche .


As his name says it all, The Beige Knight is shown to be a tall human wearing a suit of armor that is the color beige.


On a mission to save Babs from The Dragon , Buster, as Sir Buster of Acme, encounters The Bridge Troll, who tells him that if he doesn't have any money (or to a lesser extent, belly button lint), then he must face 3 challenges before he is permitted to cross the bridge. The first is defeating the Beige Knight. Buster at first thinks the Beige Knight is going to be easy, but the Beige Knight hits Buster with his mace and tells him to find his sword and face him. Buster recovers and looks for a sword, until he finds the legendary Excalibur, but unable to pull it out from the stone, Buster instead takes the entire stone and crushes the Beige Knight with it, thus finishing the first challenge.


  • The Beige Knight is a parody of the legendary Black Knight; who was known as the Knight associated with death.
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