The Bald Eagle admiring himself in a mirror

The Bald Eagle is a minor character on Tiny Toon Adventures. He appears in in the "How Sweetie It Is" episode segment, "Egged On Eagle". He is voiced by Frank Welker.

Physical Appearance

The Bald Eagle is an overweight eagle with a defeathered scalp.

Role in How Sweetie It Is

The Bald Eagle first appears flying home to the top of his rock formation and admiring himself in a mirror. When he sees an egg in his nest (due to the stork being too tired to deliver it to its proper address), he is excited over the prospect of becoming a father, but realizes he isn't married. Nonetheless, he decides to be a single father and raise his son to be a proper bald eagle just like him. When the egg hatches, Sweetie is revealed to have hatched from it, much to his dismay. When the Bald Eagle calls Sweetie puny, she calls him pudgy. The Bald Eagle tries to prove that he is muscular, not fat, and tells Sweetie to punch him. Sweetie does so, and easily knocks him down.

First, the Bald Eagle tries to teach Sweetie how to fly. He is unimpressed with her way, and tells her to spread her wings. Unfortunately, he doesn't look where he's going and crashes into a cliff.

The second thing the Bald Eagle tries to teach Sweetie how to do is eat salmon. In his first attempt to catch a salmon, a giant salmon jumps out of the river and swallows him whole. In his second attempt, he tries to snatch a salmon from a grizzly bear, but the grizzly bear mauls him.

That night, the Bald Eagle tries to teach Sweetie how to celebrate the Fourth of July. He hands her a sparkler and does some heroic poses. Sweetie accidentally sets a rocket off and it hits him. She then asks him what holiday they will celebrate next. He tells her, "Thanksgiving, and I'm the turkey!" as he is now defeathered and burnt.


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