The Animator is a human character and the person responsible for creating Buster and Babs Bunny who appears in The Looney Beginning.


Before Tiny Toons was created, The Animator showed his boss a drawing of one of the future enemies of the show; Montana Max, but his boss hated the idea and threatened to fire him if he didn't come up with a new show by tomorrow. After leaving his boss office, The Animator went back to his desk and try to think of a idea, he then heard a voice of out nowhere (the voice being Bugs) and saw a picture on him on his wall and decide a new cartoon rabbit. His first attempt was a cute baby rabbit who would go to your house and be with you forever and will "Hippity Hop" into your heart, but decide to dropped that idea because he thinks he'll give the audiences cavites (which could be true since he's too sickly sweet.) His second was a musclar rambo-like rabbit who would use a flamerthrower on people, but then dropped the idea again because he knows that the parents teacher association wouldn't like it. His third attempt was drawing a simple 14 year old boy rabbit, and when the rabbit asked him for some color, he painted his fur green, his belly orange and his feet yellow but then decided to paint his fur blue, and his belly and feet white, he then told him to paint some clothes on him so they won't get in trouble with the censors and he paint a red shirt and white gloves on him, when the boy rabbit asked for him to draw a best friend for him, The Animator created a 14 year old girl rabbit. After giving them their names, Buster and Babs then jumped off their paper then kissed him on the lips which caused him to dropped the idea and decide to go home. The next morning when he returned to his desk, he found script, the drawing of Acme Acres and the drawing title made by Buster and Babs while he was away and showed it to his boss, which he and the networks said they love the idea and decide to make it into a show and give him a bonus, upon returing to his desk, he thanks Buster and Babs for helping him save his job and asked for anything they want and Buster request for him to put a "Created by" title that prove they created the show but he refused their request and both Buster and Babs jumped out of their paper and start attack him for not honoring his request. (They did end up getting the credit, however, as proven in the closing credits.)

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