The Angry Bear

The Angry Bear (voiced by Charlie Adler) is a minor character who appears in the episode The Acme Home Shopping Show segment Teddy Bears Picnic.


The Angry Bear is shown to be a large bear (even larger the Junior ) wearing a orange hat and blue overalls.


He first appear happily eating lunch with his wife and sons when Junior came out of nowhere and took their table, when appoaching Junior, The Angry Bears was told that Pa told him to, he when to found him and beat him up. He was later seen again in a mud hole, thanks to Pa who fell out of the sky and into the hole, and beat him up again.Later, he was seen barbecuing a steak when Pa was chasing Junior for eating his sandwich. when he went up to beat up Pa again, Pa ran and asked Junior to save him and he said he would, until he tripped and causes both of them to roll down a hill. His last appearance in this episode is where we see him starting a fire with 2 bear cubs, when suddenly Pa and Junior  came out of nowhere and landed on the angry bear, However the heat of fire causes all 3 of the to explodes. and while Ma took Pa home, the angry bear landed on junior who landed on Elmyra .


As it is shown in the cartoon, The Angry Bear has tattoos on his left arm and shows how angry he is.

  • Oh Brother
  • Slightly Peeved
  • Ticked Off
  • Really Mad
  • Seeing Red
  • Call 911

It shown that "Oh Brother" is the least anger he gets, while "Call 911" is the most dangerous anger he gets.

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