The Alley Cats

The Alley Cats are bullies who appear in the Furrball Follies episode segments, K-9 Kitty and Aroma Amore. They are voiced by Charlie Adler and Frank Welker, respectively.


The Buff Bully Alley Cat (Dubbed Cataclysmus Imbecilious) is shown to be an orange muscular cat. The Bow-tied Bully Alley Cat (Dubbed Catatonia Moronicus) is shown to be a light grey cat who wears a yellow bow-tie. After being knocked out and regaining consciousness, The Buff Bully Alley Cat was painted Dark Gray with a white stripe on his back, and the Bow-tied Bully Alley Cat was painted Black with a white stripe on his back, thanks to Furrball.


They first appear in K-9 Kitty when the Buff Bully Alley Cat orders three Pizzas and has them delivered to Furrball's cardboard box, under Furball's name too. They later appear again when they walk past a house and spot him in the window. Their first attempt to get in the house is by entering the back door, only to have Furrball slam the door on them. Their next attempt is to use the Bow-tied Bully Alley Cat as a battering ram to break down the door, only for Furrball to move the door like window blinders and send them smashing into the wall. Later, the Bow-tied Bully Alley Cat somehow manages to sneak into the house and tries to eat Furrball's sandwich, only to disguise himself as a cat clock, which Lloyd, the man who owns the house, thinks the time on it is wrong when he goes into the kitchen to get a glass of water. Lloyd plugs the cat's tail into an electrical outlet and the cat gets electrocuted. They both appear at the end of the segment when Furrball gets kicked out of the house for being a cat, since Lloyd and his husband, Bernice, hate cats. Furrball lands near the two cats, who begin chasing him for the next segment.

They appear again in Aroma Amore, still chasing Furrball for what he did to them in the last segment. They eventually lose Furrball and begin searching. They appear again at the carnival, looking for him. As soon as they catch him, they mistake him for a skunk and run away from him, only to run into a strength test game, and get knocked out by the bell. Near the end, after regaining consciousness, they are painted to look like boy skunks and are now being chased by Fifi, who thinks they are boy skunks, thanks to Furrball.

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