Intro Sourses

Plucky looking up and down-(The tag when it's a Plucky cartoon)

Plucky wearing glasses- (Dream Date Game)

Plucky changing channels on his tv- (America's Least Wanted)

Plucky jumping while watch tv-(Slugfest)

Plucky throw a pie in his face-(The Looney Beginning)

Plucky hitting himself with a mallet-(Hollywood Plucky)

Plucky with a moustache-(The Looney Beginning)

Hamton gets strangled by Plucky-(Hollywood Plucky)

Hamton nods-(Sticky Feathers Duck)

Plucky dancing-(Hollywood Plucky)

Plucky getting squished by Hamton's family member-(How I Spent My Vacation)

Plucky avoiding anvils-(The Anvil Chorus)

Plucky being roasted-(Buster and Babs Go Hawaiian)

Plucky doing card tricks-(A Ditch in Time)

Plucky dancing near the words "Plucky Duck"-(Two-Tone Town(The word Hudson is replaced with Plucky))

Plucky acting crazy-(Migrant Mallard)

Plucky grabbing a romantic background-(Never Too Late to Loon)

Plucky with stars in the background-(Hollywood Plucky)

The Tiny Toons characters running out of the TV-(Intro)

Anvils writing a script-(The Anvil Chorus)

Plucky being scared by a clone of himself coming out of a typewriter-(Intro)

Gogo with a storyboard and Babs in a recording booth-(Animaniacs!)

Plucky watching tv-(America's Least Wanted)

Plucky running to school-(Animaniacs!)

Plucky with stars in his eyes-(The Anvil Chorus)

The Tiny Toons characters running out of School-(How I Spent My Vacation)

Plucky talking-(Never Too Late to Toon)

Plucky in midair, being crazy-(Hog Wild Hamton)

Plucky with two heads-(A Quack in the Quarks)

Buster and Babs Bunny laughing-(Two Tone Town)

Plucky talking in Looney Tune rings-(Ending tag of some episodes)

Thank to FDMG for the ones I didn't know.

In order for the unidentified episodes, they are SlugfestHollywood Plucky, Hollywood Plucky (again), How I Spent My Vacation, A Ditch in Time, Migrant Mallard, Hollywood Plucky (yet again), America's Least Wanted, Never Too Late to Loon, and Hog Wild Hamton. Hope this has helped.
FDMG, 8:55 P.M. EST Approx. FlyingDuckManGenesis (talk) 00:55, April 27, 2019 (UTC)
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