Lifestyle of the Rich and Infamous.

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Many mysteries abound these guys, I see the beauty of them. These rebels make conflict for TV, but what is inside. Roderick thinks he is cool, and hip, and stylish. They live in their own world, to understand them is to understand your  inner most desires. Roderick is crude, crass, rude, stand-offish, indifferent, grumpy, cocky, lying, cheating, and greedy. On the flip-side he loves Rhubella very much, and I believe he would die without her. He also is a great leader in his own right, running the most exclusive school in town.

Rhubella is snobbish, indifferent, cruel, shallow, easy to anger, stuck-up, and greedy. On da flip-side, she likes Roses, music, fashion, and is sensetive. And she loves Roderick the same as he loves her. I can understand them in a way no one else can. And I keep in mind they never get away with anything they do. I'm sure if it was in their interest, they would help me. But they would just as soon also use me. They have a heart, they love, but put nothing pass them. You can't trust 'em. But ya can love 'em. I do. 

I know less about Danforth and Margot, as they are more mysteries. I know they share Roddy and Rhuby's greed, and competitive spirit. And I know Margot appears slutty, but I don't know anymore. I must get to know these guys more and come back.

In truth I see wannabe haters, who are generally weak, cowardice, and dimwitted. But I can't imagine Tiny Toon Adventures without them.

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