But he was based on Sharptooth from Land Before Time

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One eyed jack is the main antagonist of the tiny toons adventures episode: Horror on slumber party mountain. It is revealed at the end that he is Elmira in disguise


Before one eyed jack became a monster, he was a deformed rabbit that was left out of activities by other rabbits. After a night of moping around on the street he was by a car, then a mad doctor came out and took him to his an Experiment On him then one eyed jack came to life after being kissed by the doctor, then one eyed jack ran out of the castle with the mad doctor yelling come back. It was later confirmed that one eyed jack went out into the forest and tore it down .


At first, one eyed jack was a depressed rabbit that wanted to fit in but couldn’t due to his deformity. After he gets hit by a car and is rebirth his personality takes a huge turn as he is becomes a terrifying monster with only one eye.


He might be based on the wendigo a North American monster that’s Released By cannibalism. Although one eyed jack and the wendigo have completely different backstories and have different Technics, one eyed jack appearance is strikenly similar to the wendigo as both our large,and have antlers.

It is revealed that he is Elmira duff in disguise.

Among fans, he is the scariest villain to appear in the show.

He one of the few villains that are never tricked by in disguise by the characters like most other villains are. This is likely that buster,Babs and the rest were to scared to fight back.

Writer steve Spielberg was hesitant to add him in the show, he said that his design was to creepy for kids but the original designer said” It was this or our former design, but that would have gave adults a chill down their spine.”

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