Fifi has always been my favorite Tiny Toon character for several reasons. One reason is my fetish with long fluffy tails. She and Minerva Mink (from Animaniacs) gave me that fetish. I loved Fifi more because her tail was also prehensile and she could wrap luckless "suitors" in it. Like Hamton, I wouldn't mind the affection; I would actually love to be wrapped up in her tail. I so want her as a pet skunk. I would train her to wrap me up in her tail. ♥

Ranger-X, gamer and strategist 16:53, February 12, 2016 (UTC)

I would like permission to edit the Fifi La Fume page. I need to add something: According to a model sheet, before Fifi's surname "La Fume" was decided, it was originally going to be "Le Few", something similar to "Pepe Le Pew".Cheril59 (talk) 00:06, July 4, 2016 (UTC)

I Have A Crush On Her

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