314 - Music Day 0027

The Swan Dancers are the main antagonists of the Music Day segment Loon Lake. There are four, but only one is named (Giselle). They are Perfecto Prep swans whose ballet class Shirley the Loon attends. Behind Shirley's back, without knowing she is overhearing them, they say mean things about her accent, call her an airhead, call her an "ugly little mud hen", and say she isn't fit to dance with them. They then laugh, thus hurting her feelings.

At the recital, the swans are warming up and Giselle makes fun of Shirley when she shows up. Shirley tells Giselle to flash those negatory vibes and that they have to work together to get through this recital. Giselle then trips Shirley and amuses the other swan dancers, but Babs encourages Shirley to "rise above it". As the swans are dancing, they try to make her look like a bad dancer, but she ends up being better. Babs even sabotages their part of the concert with a banana peel, anvils, and even using a chainsaw to cut holes in the stage for them to fall. As one of them tries to get back out of a hole, while Shirley is being congratulated with a Bouquet of Flowers, the curtain with the words "The End" falls on that swan.

The three Swan Dancers whose names weren't mentioned on the show are named Isabelle, Gabrielle, and Chantelle.

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