Tiny Toon Adventures
Sports Shorts
Season 3, Episode 94
Buster and Babs as coaches
Air date November 13, 1992
Written by Tom Ruegger, Peter Hastings
Directed by Alfred Gimeno, David West
Gag credit Appearing as Sea Monkeys - Brine Shrimp
Recipe for "Brine Shrimp La Fume" - 8,000 Tsp. Brine Shrimp 1 Clove Garlic, 1/2 lb. Butter Boil Brine Shrimp until screaming. Mix with other ingredients and beat into hysteria. Serve on a tennis court.
End tag Baby Plucky: "I wanna flush it again!"
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Sports Shorts is the 16th episode of the third season of Tiny Toon Adventures, and the 94th episode overall.


Buster and Babs, who are dressed as coaches, welcome the viewers, and tell them that today they are presenting two sports cartoons.

Episode Segments

Minister Golf

One day, Buster, Babs, Plucky, and Hamton playing a game of miniature golf. They are at the 18th hole when Plucky remembers his first game of miniature golf, which flashes back to him as a baby. One evening, at the Acme Putt-o-Rama Golf Course, Baby Plucky and his Father arrive, ready to play a game of miniature golf (which Baby Plucky mispronounces as "minister golf"). Baby Plucky is excited to be hitting a blue golf ball down the holes. His Father hands him a golf club and a red golf ball, but Baby Plucky complains that he doesn't want a red golf ball, he wants a blue one instead. As his Father tries to get him a blue golf ball, Baby Plucky repeatedly says that he wants a blue golf ball instead of a red one. Baby Babs passes by him, showing off a blue golf ball in her hand. Baby Plucky then throws a tantrum, until his Father apologizes and gives him a blue golf ball. Baby Plucky is happy to have a blue golf ball at last, and is ready to begin playing.

At the first hole, Baby Plucky's Father teaches him how to play miniature golf, hitting the ball into the candy house and getting a perfect hole-in-one. Baby Plucky is excited to try to get a hole in one, so he hits the ball, but doesn't go very far. He hits the ball again repeatedly, until it reaches the candy house. He then distracts his Father by telling him, "Daddy, is helicopter!". As his father is distracted, Baby Plucky picks up his golf ball and throws it into the candy house. After the ball exits the candy house, Baby Plucky hits the ball, until his Father stops him, telling him to hit the ball as hard as he can. Baby Plucky hits the ball as hard as he can, which hits his Father in the groin and lands an inch from the hole. He puts the ball into the hole, saying, "Hole-in-one!". His Father, now lying on the ground, says, "Nice shot, son!"

At the windmill, Baby Plucky's Father tries to get a perfect hole-in-one, but his golf ball stops just a few inches away from the hole. He says, "Darn it, I missed!" as Baby Plucky is ready to hit his ball into the hole. He tries again, repeatedly hitting the ball, and saying, "Darn it, I missed!", until he reaches the windmill. He distracts his Father by saying, "Look, Daddy, is blimp!", and as his Father is distracted, he picks up the ball and tosses it into the windmill. On the other side of the windmill, Baby Plucky's Father tells him to aim carefully, and Baby Plucky is about to, but his Father stops him, as he does not want to be hit in the groin again. He goes behind Baby Plucky, and tells him to hit the ball now. Baby Plucky hits the ball, which bounces off a nearby pirate ship and hits his Father in the groin, landing into the hole. Baby Plucky says, "Blue ball go down the hole! Blue ball go down the hole! Hole-in-one!" Baby Plucky's Father, now laying on the ground, says, "Congratulations, son! You're going to be an only child!"

At Hole 14, Baby Plucky's Father tells him that if he doesn't swing at the right time, the barrels hanging above the hole will knock his ball away. He tries to get the ball into the hole, but the barrels knock it away. Before he takes his turn, Baby Plucky tries to distract his Father by saying, "Look, Daddy, rocket ship!", but his Father isn't fooled by his trick this time. Baby Plucky hits his ball, which rolls perfectly into the hole. His Father is proud of him for getting a hole-in-one. Baby Plucky holds the barrels steady and gets his ball out of the hole so that his Father can put his ball into it. His father hits the ball into the hole, and Baby Plucky lets go of the barrels, knocking him away. Baby Plucky's Father, who has landed in the fountain, says, "I knew I should have entered the priesthood."

At the 18th and final hole, Baby Plucky's Father tells him that once he gets the ball into this hole, it doesn't come back. He tells him to say bye-bye to the ball, as they will be going home after it goes down the hole. Baby Plucky sadly says bye-bye to his ball, and hits it into the hole. Just as Baby Plucky and his Father are about to go home, the pinball machine above the hole lights up and leads Baby Plucky's ball to the top. The announcer then tells Baby Plucky that he's won the grand prize of 1,000 free games of miniature golf, which excites Baby Plucky and shocks his Father. The door opens and a thousand golf balls bury Baby Plucky and his Father. Baby Plucky is happy to see his blue golf ball again.

After the flashback ends, Babs tells Plucky that if he sinks the next putt, he will win the game. Plucky distracts Buster, Babs, and Hamton, saying, "Hey, look, guys! Isn't that Julia Roberts?", and while they are distracted, he throws his ball into the hole. He says, "My ball go down the hole!" and sucks his thumb as the cartoon irises out.

The Undersea World of Fifi

A double-length episode segment. Fifi La Fume, in the style of Jean-Michel Coustau, welcomes the viewers aboard her boat, The Calliope, and tells him that she, along with her experienced crew (consisting of a seasick Plucky, a seasick Hamton, and Elmyra Duff), will prepare to investigate one of the sea's great wonders, the mysterious Sea Monkeys. She then tells the viewers that the legend has been passed down for many generations, and although she and her crew could simply order sea monkeys from a catalog, they have chosen instead to spend millions of dollars on a big boat to see them for free. Hamton is reading a Hog Babes magazine with an ad for sea monkeys on the back cover, until Fifi tosses it aside and tells the viewers that it is biodegradable. She then tells the viewers that for this dangerous mission to search for the aquatic apes, they will require a skilled and fearless diver, and Elmyra is put in a scuba suit, excited to be looking for the Sea Monkeys. Fifi tells the viewers that being stupid doesn't help, either. She then tells them that once the fearless diver is equipped, she is lowered gently into the ocean. The crane lifting Elmyra forcefully lowers her, hitting her against the boat's deck, and into the water. Fifi tells the viewers that in the water, the diver becomes weightless. Elmyra plunges down the ocean, until she lands on the floor.

Fifi tells the vievers that the diver becomes a quiet observer to the rhythms of undersea life. As Elmyra sees a small fish getting eaten by a bigger one, which itself gets eaten by a bigger fish, she talks sweetly to the biggest fish, who tries to swim away from her, but she hugs him, releasing the two smaller fish inside him. The smallest fish then spits out Elmyra for some unknown reason.

Fifi tells the viewers that under the sea, you cannot help but appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature's handicraft, like the Nautilus Shell. Elmyra picks up the shell and opens it, revealing several buff shrimp lifting weights inside. Fifi then tells the viewers about the electric eel, which Elmyra grabs, and it shocks her. Fifi then tells the viewers about the MC Hammerhead shark, which pounds Elmyra into the ground. Elmyra says, "Too legit to quit!"

Fifi then tells the viewers that the search for the Sea Monkeys has begun, using the latest state-of-the-art technology. Elmyra looks under a rock, next to a sign that says Mall Shops, for the sea monkeys, yelling for them.

As Elmyra looks behind some seaweed, Fifi tells the viewers that the diver must search carefully, for the undersea is not without its perils, like the sawfish, and the chainsawfish. The chainsawfish cuts through all the seaweed, and tickles Elmyra. Fifi then tells the viewers that although the diver is alone at the bottom, she and her crew are partaking in this death-defying risk, which is later revealed to be her relaxing while Plucky fans her and Hamton feeds her grapes. Fifi tells the viewers that she could choke on a grape.

Fifi then tells the viewers that they have found the first sign of the Sea Monkey. Elmyra finds a banana peel and picks it up. Fifi tells the viewers that the evidence must be carefully collected and preserved, but Elmyra sniffs the banana peel, says, "Ew!", and puts it in a clam, like a trash can. Elmyra then hears the chatter of a Sea Monkey, and Fifi tells the viewers that they have suddenly seen the first Sea Monkey, as a Sea Monkey swims through a trench. Elmyra chases after the Sea Monkey into the trench. Elmyra then complains that just when she finally gets close, they have to do a "stinky eyeball-in-the-dark routine.". Someone bumps into her, scares her, and runs off. Elmyra then asks a jellyfish if he's seen the Sea Monkey. A bunch of fish swim to her, and tease her for having lost the Sea Monkey. Fifi then tells the viewers that the creature emerges from the darkness, leading the diver to the incredible hideaway of the Sea Monkeys. Sure enough, Elmyra has reached the hideaway after chasing the Sea Monkey. Fifi then asks the viewers if Elmyra will catch one, and if anyone will care if she does.

In the third act, Fifi tells the viewers that the diver will call to the Sea Monkeys quietly, not wanting to scare them away. Elmyra, excited to see so many Sea Monkeys at once, wants to play with them, but they run away from her. As Elmyra chases after them, Fifi tells the viewers that the diver will go into one of the many monkey-themed puns. Elmyra chases the Sea Monkeys at the Barrels of Monkeys, and follows one until it reaches a clam. The Sea Monkey goes inside the clam and closes its mouth. Elmyra opens the clam and a piranha is inside, scaring her as she closes the clam's mouth shut.

Elmyra finds a mirror, which a Sea Monkey in the mirror's reflection. She to follows the Sea Monkey's movements, and looks under the mirror to see if it is on the other side. The Sea Monkey laughs, and Elmyra, who is confused, walks away.

Fifi then tells the viewers that the diver has discovered another monkey-themed pun; the Monkey Bars. Sure enough, Elmyra finds the Sea Monkey at the Monkey Bars, and tries to catch it, but the Sea Monkey, scared, dodges her. Elmyra backs up and charges into the Monkey Bars just as the Sea Monkey escapes, trapping her inside.

After Elmyra escapes, she sneaks up on the Sea Monkeys, who are riding on an octopus. Fifi then tells the viewers that the diver has discovered several Sea Monkeys, happily diverted. As Elmyra pulls out a net and catches a Sea Monkey, Fifi tells the viewers that the diver has taken the opportunity to capture the incredible creatures. Elmyra captures another Sea Monkey, and Fifi tells the viewers that the creatures will not go quietly. The Sea Monkeys, still in the bag, swim away, dragging Elmyra along. Elmyra tells the Sea Monkeys to slow down, as Fifi tells the Viewers that the Sea Monkeys will escape using one of their tools; the monkey wrench. Sure enough, the Sea Monkeys swim through the middle of a giant monkey wrench, releasing them from Elmyra's grasp. Fifi tells the viewers that one Sea Monkey did not get away. Elmyra is happy to see the Sea Monkey, who is scared. The Sea Monkey grabs a swordfish, but Elmyra thinks he wants to play a game. She grabs a swordfish of her own and plays with the Sea Monkey, who tries to run away from her. He jumps off a set of stairs, and Elmyra jumps after him, chases him, and having her air hose making a pattern. The exhausted Sea Monkey is about to give up, but Elmyra is determined to catch him, with her air hose stopping her. As she pulls on her air hose, it pulls the boat, where above, Fifi, Hamton, and Plucky are playing a game of shuffleboard. Elmyra chases after the Sea Monkey, pulling the boat forward and bouncing Plucky and Hamton around as she chases the Sea Monkey. Plucky, Hamton, and Fifi, who are now drenched, try to stop the boat by dropping several anchors, but to no avail. The giant anchor latches onto a piece of land, eventually pulling all the continents together to form what once was Pangaea. Elmyra is finally stopped, and is sad that she didn't catch the Sea Monkey.

Fifi tells the viewers that the Sea Monkey has unfortunately, eluded their grasp, but other things are discovered in "Le Undersea World de Fifi". Elmyra then finds a drain plug and wonders what it does. She unplugs the drain plug, which drains the ocean. Elmyra says, "Ooh, Ocean go down the hole!" as the ocean drains, also draining the undersea life and the boat. The planet itself also drains, and Elmyra says, "Planet go down the hole!" as it drains. The universe itself also drains, as Elmyra says, "Universe go down the hole!". Elmyra, having finally caught a Sea Monkey, walks across the black screen, slamming the Sea Monkey back and forth, saying, "At least I got my Monkey-Wonkey!"


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Charlie Adler Buster Bunny
Tress MacNeille Babs Bunny, Baby Babs
Joe Alaskey Plucky Duck, Plucky's Father
Cree Summer Elmyra Duff
Kath Soucie Fifi La Fume
Frank Welker Sea Monkeys, MC Hammerhead Shark, Fish
Don Messick Hamton J. Pig, Announcer
Nathan Ruegger Baby Plucky


  • Plucky (sighs): "I remember my first time on the links."
Hamton: "Never say 'links' in the presence of a pig!"
  • Baby Babs: "Eat your heart out!"
  • Baby Plucky: "Look, Daddy, is helicopter."
Plucky's Father: "Where?"
(When he's not looking, Baby Plucky puts his ball in the hole without putting.)
Baby Plucky: "My ball went down da hole!"
  • Plucky's Father (after getting hit in the crotch): "Congratulations, son. You're going to be an only child."
  • Plucky's Father: :"I knew I should've entered the priesthood."
  • Plucky: "Ah, those were the days."
Babs: "Okay, Mr. Flashback, you're up. Sink this putt and you win the match."
Plucky: "Oh, right. Hey! Look, guys! Isn't that Julia Roberts?!" (the others look where Plucky is pointing and he puts his ball in the hole without putting.) "My ball go down da hoooooole." (sucks thumb)
  • Elmyra (after getting hit by the MC Hammerhead shark): "Too legit to quit."
  • Elmyra: "Oh, great. Just when I'm getting close, we have to do a stinky 'eyeball-in-the-dark' routine."
  • Elmyra (After pulling the drain plug at the bottom of the ocean, which drains the ocean's water): "Oooh, ocean go down da hooole...." "Planet go down da hoooooole...." (the Earth drains into the universe) "Universe go down da hoooooooole...." (The universe drains into a blank screen, which Elmyra then crosses, dragging a sea monkey) "At least I got my monkey-wonkey!"


  • The Undersea World of Fifi is done in the style of the undersea documentaries of French scuba diver Jacques Cousteau.


  • The episode segment, Minister Golf, is referenced in the Animaniacs cartoon, Guardin' the Garden, where the Snake that tries to tempt Adam and Eve into eating fruit from the Forbidden Tree is knocked by Slappy Squirrel into the Garden of Eden Mini Golf Course, where Baby Plucky is playing miniature golf. He says, "Look, daddy! A Snake!", and whacks the snake with his golf club, saying, "Snakey go down the hole!"
  • Also in Minister Golf, the baby version of Babs looks different from her older self, having brownish-orange fur instead of pink.
  • Susan Blu is credited as Sphinx in the closing credits, although Sphinx does not appear in this episode. Similarly, Frank Welker is credited as Gogo Dodo, instead of the Sea Monkeys, despite the former's absence.


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