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Speedy tiny toon

Speedy doing sports commentary for Acme Loo

Speedy Gonzales is a Looney Tunes star who is now the track coach and sports announcer at Acme Looniversity (shown in the short, Acme Acres Summer Olympics, from Son of the Wacko World of Sports and voiced by Joe Alaskey). He is the favorite teacher and mentor of Lightning Rodriguez.

Li'l Sneezer is slightly based on Speedy in that his cartoons with Furrball share similarities with the Speedy/Sylvester cartoons. In these cartoons, the antagonist (Furrball/Sylvester) tries to catch and eat the protagonist (Sneezer/Speedy), but ends up failing because of the protagonist having either hurricane-force sneezes (Sneezer) or lightning-fast speed (Speedy). Lightning Rodriguez is actually based completely on Speedy (whereas Sneezer is based more on Sniffles), but he only made 2 brief cameos in the series.

Speedy is briefly seen running from Sylvester on a television set in the episode, Two-Tone Town.

Speedy Gonzales is also nicknamed "The Fastest Mouse in all Mexico," which he even refers to himself at times.


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