Tiny Toon Adventures
Son of the Wacko World of Sports
Season 1, Episode 56
Babs and Shirley practicing their swimming techniques non-stop
Air date 14 February 1991
Written by Jim Reardon, Grant Moran, Tom Minton, Tom Ruegger, Earl Kress
Directed by Rich Arons
Gag credit The end credits - Go by really fast
End tag Furrball: "ROAR! Meow."
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Son of the Wacko World of Sports is the 56th episode of Tiny Toon Adventures. It is a sequel to the episode "The Wacko World of Sports".


Buster at the Bat

In a parody of Casey at the Bat, with Buster in the role of Casey, and Sylvester as the narrator, Acme Looniversity is competing against Perfecto Prep in a baseball game and they are behind 2-4. Coach Foghorn Leghorn says that they wouldn't be behind if Buster were batting. Fifi uses her tail as a bat, and her smell to keep Rhubella from flinging the ball to first base. Sweetie is next to bat, but due to her short size, all she can make are balls.

Buster arrives in an airplane, with the red carpet rolled out, Plucky as his agent, and Arnold as his bodyguard. All the fans cheer as he enters, and Foghorn is relieved to see him. Buster tells him he is willing to do anything for the team, under the condition that Foghorn renegotiates his contract. Buster chooses a steel bat from the bat boy and boards a limo leading to home base.

As Buster prepares to hit the ball, he is distracted by Elmyra, who asks for an autograph. The ball lands in Elmyra's mouth, and umpire Elmer Fudd says, "Strike One!" The audience members are angry and want to kill Elmer, but Buster, knowing his fans are loyal to him, waves his hand to tell them to stop. As Buster prepares for the second swing, he answers a phone call on his cell phone, and Elmer says "Strike Two!" The team and the audience members all shout "Fraud!" and Buster is determined not to miss this hit. He hits the ball forcefully, and the stadium rumbles.

Following the closing lines of Casey at the Bat, Sylvester tries to convince the viewers that Acme Looniversity has lost, but Buster has hit a home run. He says, "You were expecting me to strike out? I'm the star of this show!" Acme Looniversity wins 5-4, and Babs asks Buster what he's gonna do next, now that he won the game. He tells her, "I'm gonna build my own amusement park!", showing her the money he made from winning the game.

Buster's New Bicycle

Bicycle Bob airs a commercial advertising his new bicycle emporium. His motto is, "I'll eat a bucket of scorpions if I don't give you the business!" Buster decides to buy a new bicycle, as it's the 90s now. His bicycle, which acts like a dog, isn't ready to part with him yet.

At Bicycle Bob's, Bob shows Buster his thirty-year extended warranty, as well as the newest bicycle model. He shows Buster a demonstration of the new bicycle by taking it for a test drive. Bob makes a deal, that if Buster trades in his old bicycle, he will receive a ten dollar discount. He tells Buster that he will save more money trading his old bike in for a new one than just fixing the old one himself. He also cons Buster into buying the deluxe package, including steel-belted and whitewall tires.

As Buster rides his new bike home, it falls apart. It causes him to go into a car wash, which washes him and the bicycle, but further breaks the bike apart. Buster decides to talk to Bob about the thirty-year warranty. What Bob didn't mention earlier is the thirty-year-or-thirty-yards warranty, whichever came first, and Buster drove the bike more than thirty yards. He rips up the warranty, and Buster decides to get revenge.

Buster disguises himself as a commercial director to shoot Bob's commercial. Buster makes him read the lines that describe how he really is, a con artist. Bob disapproves the lines and demands that Buster destroy the film. Buster tells him that it is live, and everyone can see it now. He takes Bob to his service department. Buster poses as himself and asks Bob if he can fix the broken bike he sold to him. Bob unsuccessfully attempts to repair the bike, and gives Buster his old bike and his money back. Bob claims, "I'll eat a bucket of scorpions if I don't give you the business," and since Bob didn't give Buster the business, Buster makes him eat a bucket of scorpions.

Acme Acres Summer Olympics

Foghorn Leghorn and Speedy Gonzales are the hosts of the Acme Acres Summer Olympics, and once again, Acme Looniversity is competing against Perfecto Prep. Hamton lights the torch, and the games begin.

The first event is the marathon race, with Little Beeper as the fastest runner. He runs out of the stadium, and Calamity Coyote tries to catch him with a giant mitt. Little Beeper runs through the mitt, and as Calamity esamines the hole in the mitt, a giant baseball squishes him.

In the first round of the synchronized swimming event, Rhubella Rat and Margot Mallard are in the lead. Later, they will face stiff competition from Babs Bunny and Shirley the Loon, who have been practicing their synchronized swimming techniques non-stop. Competing in the high dive event are Buster Bunny and Roderick Rat. Roderick sabotages Buster's dive by tying him to the diving board, but Buster gets revenge on him by disguising himself as Moses, causing a storm that makes all the water leave the pool.

The next event is the steeple chase, where the competitors chase a steeple with legs. Buster catches the steeple and wins. Plucky participates in various throw events, including the Javelin throw. He is excited about the javelin throw most of all, but a paintbrush erases the javelin and paints in a dog biscuit, disappointing Plucky.

Babs and Shirley arrive with their long-awaited synchronized swimming performance. Their non-stop practice and lack of rest causes them to do a poor performance, and a life preserver is tossed. Various other events in the Olympics included the 100 meter high hurdle race (where competitors have to jump over hundred-meter-high hurdles), and the water polo event, where men on horses play polo underwater.

Little Beeper returns to the stadium to win the marathon, putting Acme Looniversity over the top. Foghorn presents Little Beeper with a cup trophy as Calamity sneaks a stick of dynamite onto a trophy of a toon holding a torch. Foghorn then presents the most inspirational award to Calamity. The award turns out to be the one with the stick of dynamite, which explodes in Calamity's face. Buster gives the moral of the story, "Always go for the gold!"


  • "Buster at the Bat" is a parody of the 1888 baseball poem, "Casey at the Bat", almost quoting it word for word, but of course, instead of striking out like Casey did, Buster hits a homer.
  • In "Buster at the Bat", Plucky plays Buster's agent Plucky Bazar, a parody of agent Irving "Swifty" Lazar.
  • In "Buster at the Bat", one of the endorsements Plucky tells Foghorn that Buster demands in his contract is a candy bar named after him. The Baby Ruth candy bar is purportedly named for famous baseball player Babe Ruth.
  • In "Buster at the Bat", Batboy is a parody of the DC comic book superhero Batman.
  • In "Buster at the Bat", when Babs asks Buster what he's going to do next, Buster tells her, "I'm going to build my own amusement park!", parodying a slogan used in Disneyland commercials.
  • In "Buster's New Bicycle", Bicycle Bob's appearance is a parody of car dealer Cal Worthington, who would later be parodied more directly in the Histeria! episode "Loud Kiddington's Ancient History".
  • In "Buster's New Bicyle", after his bike falls apart, Buster says, "Where's Ralph Nader when you need him?" 2004 Presidential Candidate Nader wrote Unsafe at Any Speed, which was credited with killing the Corvair by Chevorlet in the 1960s, which had a history of causing several accidents, including one where a celebrity was killed.


  • In the beginning of "Buster at the Bat", Granny plays the organ.
  • In "Buster at the Bat", Buster appears alongside Furrball, cheering after Sweetie makes the fourth ball, but the real Buster is arriving to the stadium by plane.
  • In "Buster at the Bat", a poorly-drawn Shirley the Loon boos the umpire from the audience, although the real Shirley is part of Acme Looniversity's baseball team.
  • In "Buster at the Bat", when Sylvester jokingly said that Fifi hasn't been on first base since 1988, this meant Fifi hasn't had a steady boyfriend since 1988. 
  • The plot of "Buster at the Bat" was also used in the Animaniacs cartoon "Mighty Wakko at Bat".
  • In the ending of "Acme Acres Summer Olympics", Babs Bunny was awarded a medal, despite her poor performance.


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Charlie Adler Buster Bunny
Tress MacNeille Babs Bunny
Joe Alaskey Plucky Duck
Kath Soucie Fifi La Fume
Jeff Bergman Foghorn Leghorn
Jim Cummings Singer
Pat Buttram Bicycle Bob



  • Man #1: I"'ll give you a million dollars to endorse my sneakers, Buster."
Man #2: "I'll give you two million to wear my athletic shoes!"
Babs: "I'll give you three million to wear my shoes!"
Buster: "It's a deal!"
  • Audience: "Fraud!"
Elmer: "Yes? Who is it?"
Plucky: "Not Fudd, fraud! You mutant doorknob!"
  • 'Sylvester: "Oh, somewhere in this favored land, the sun is shining bright,
The band is playing somewhere and somewhere hearts are light,
And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout,
But there's no joy in Acme Acres, mighty Buster has—"
(Buster hits the ball right out of the park and runs the bases)
"It's a home run?!?!—Say, that's not the way the poem goes!"
Buster: "You're expecting me to strike out? I'm the star of the show."
  • Plucky: "Would we do this in a family viewing time slot on a weekday afternoon with 50 zillion parents and children watching? You bet we would!" (A paintbrush erases the javelin and paints in a dog biscuit) "You have no backbone."

Cut Scenes

  • The Tiny Toon Adventures Season 1, Vol. 2 DVD has the title cards and the WWoS logo cut. However, it does contain the scene where Bicycle Bob eats the bucket of scorpions at the end of "Buster's New Bicycle", which was cut from later syndicated runs.


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