Sean Young is a one-time minor character who appears in the episode "The Return of Batduck".


Sean Young is an average sized woman with short brown hair, who wears a homemade Catwoman suit that looks similar to Michelle Pfeiffer's, but with a pair of red boots and a utility belt.


Just as Tim Burton is about to direct Batman Returns, A servant appears and brings a box of kitty litter in front of him, revealing Sean Young inside, desperate to play the part of Catwoman, even going far as roaring and telling him he knows what to do with her. Tim calls for Elmyra to the set and Michelle is taken as Elmyra's new pet "kitty".


  • The Tiny Toons version of Sean Young was voiced by Tress MacNeille, who is best known to voice Babs Bunny.
  • The way Sean Young acted insanely in this episode is based on the true story of when the real Sean Young appeared in a homemade Catwoman costume to confront Tim Burton and Michael Keaton about letting her play Catwoman in Batman returns, only to have the role taken by Michelle Pfeiffer.

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