Sam Sheepdog, in Looney Tunes

Sam Sheepdog is a character from Looney Tunes who makes a one-time appearance on Tiny Toon Adventures. Although they were never seen together, Saul Sheepdog is Sam Sheepdog's Tiny Toon counterpart. In the Looney Tunes shorts, Sam is usually protecting his sheep herd from Ralph Wolf. Outside their respective of jobs of guarding the sheep herd and trying to steal it, Sam and Ralph are actually really good friends.

Appearance on Tiny Toon Adventures

Sam Sheepdog makes a brief cameo appearance in the Furrball Follies episode segment, Cross-Country Kitty, where he is shown alongside various other WB cartoon dogs, such as Charlie Dog and Marc Antony, as Sweetie has invited various dogs over to Mary Melody's apartment to celebrate Furrball's "birthday" (which is really just a plan by Sweetie to prevent Furrball from eating her).


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