"Ruffled Ruffee"

Ruffee is a minor character in the Tiny Toon Adventures "Music Day" episode segment "Ruffled Ruffee". He is a parody of Raffi Cavoukian, a famous children's singer from the 90s. He was voiced by Rob Paulsen.

Ruffled Ruffee

He is a children's musician. Ruffee is playing at a concert for young children, but he is interrupted by Buster Bunny practicing his electric guitar. Annoyed, he bans Buster from playing it. To get revenge, Buster attends Ruffee's concert, dressed as a baby, and throughout the cartoon, he attempts to spoil the concert. During The Animal Song, Buster chooses animals that aren't particularly known for making sounds (a giraffe and a three-toed sloth). When Buster is chosen as the drummer for The Body Song, he speeds up the beat, causing Ruffee to explode. Finally, Buster alters the lyrics to the Baby Monkey song to make it sound like the baby monkey got hit and killed by a bus, causing the children to cry. Outraged at the sound of crying children, he tries to yell at Buster but instead yells at an actual baby, however he is completely oblivious to this until he is scolded by the baby's oversized father, and later beaten up.


  • "Pardon me, friend, but would you please BE QUIET?!"
  • (Ruffee speaking to Buster disguised as a baby) Ruffee: "Oh, excuse me, little boy. Are you having trouble finding your seat?" Buster: "Nope." (shoves his diapered butt in Ruffee's face and speaking in baby talk) "It's wight hewe."
  • "That's it! I have had it with you, you rude snot-nosed little rugrat!"


  • Ruffee is not specifically based on a pre-existing Looney Tunes character, rather he is a parody of the famous children's singer, Raffi Cavoukian. However, some fans say he is similar to Giovanni Jones, the musician from the Bugs Bunny cartoon "Long-Haired Hare".
  • Although "Ruffled Ruffee" is Ruffee's only appearance in a Warner Bros. cartoon, the Pinky, Elmyra, and the Brain episode "A Walk in the Park", features Laffi, another Raffi parody, who although isn't seen in person, is known for the song "It's a Sugary-Wugary Day", as Elmyra Duff owns a copy of the song on audio cassette.
  • Ruffee's "Baby Monkey" song is a parody of the famous Raffi song, Baby Beluga.
  • Ruffee's lack of patience towards children is based on a true story; early in his career, Raffi himself found it difficult to perform for his target audience, children under the age of three, because their tiny attention spans were distracting to him and the rest of the audience.

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