This is a list of Ruffee's songs from the Music Day episode segment, Ruffled Ruffee. Since Ruffee is a parody of Raffi Cavoukain, a famous chilren's singer from the 90's, many of his songs, like Raffi's, are geared towards younger children (under the age of three), and are depicted as being sappy and/or obeying rules.

Ruffee's songs include:

Let's Sing

"Let's Sing" is the first song Ruffee sings before Buster Bunny's electric guitar-playing interrupts him.


Let's sing, let's sing!

All is nice, all is good,

And we are acting as we should.

Let's sing, let's sing!

(Repeat, with the children singing)

Good Little Boys

"Good Little Boys" is another song by Ruffee just when he returns (right after banning Buster from playing his guitar). Suddenly, he is interrupted by Buster Bunny, who comes dressed as a baby.


Good little boys don't make loud noise.

They sit very still all day.

And good little girls don't muss their curls

Because girls don't play that way.

La la la la la...

The Animal Song

During "The Animal Song," an animal is picked by a child in the audience and Ruffee makes that animal's sound. One kid picks a duck, and Ruffee replies "the duck goes quack, quack", to which Buster wonders to himself what Plucky would think of this, causing Plucky to appear in a thought bubble making a tirade against stereotypes of his genus. (Buster picks a giraffe, and Ruffee just seems to grunt while singing that verse, as giraffes aren't known for making any particular sounds, and then a "three-toed sloth," which angers Ruffee, which also stops the song.)


Animals, animals, they go 'round and 'round.

Animals, animals, they make lots of sounds,

Like the (whatever animal is chosen).

The (whatever animal is chosen) goes (whatever animal sound is made) and (whatever animal sound is made three times)

And then he (whatever animal sound is made)s some more.

I guess that all that (whatever animal sound is made)ing is what (whatever animal is chosen)s are for.

(And then another animal is chosen and so is the sound it makes.)

The Body Song

"The Body Song" is a song by Ruffee that the kids like (as they cheer when he says that's the song they are going to sing, and later they shout for more). During this song, Ruffee does not play the guitar (although he still has it wrapped around). Instead, Buster (the protagonist of this segment) ends up playing the drum. While playing the drum, Buster speeds up the rhythm as Ruffee sings the lyrics repeatedly (until the latter explodes). This is one of only two times in which Buster removes his gloves in order to continue what he is doing and do something else at the same time (that time, he puts pillows in a pile) (As for the other time, he does this while baking a cake in the "Sleight of Hare" segment of "You Asked For It".)


This is my head.

You heard what I said

'Cause I use my mouth

Which is on my face

That sits on a base

That is my neck.

These are my arms.

They keep me from harm

'Cause I use them to hug.

This is my heart.

It allows me to start

'Cause it beats like a drum.

This is my rear.

I keep it too near

'Cause I use it to sit.

These are my feet.

They kept me to beat

'Cause I use them to dance.


Baby Monkey

"Baby Monkey" is a new song which Ruffee declares that "nobody but him knows the words." According to the episode, it was meant to teach children about crossing the street safely. In order to make alternating the lyrics possible, Buster (the protagonist of this episode) kisses Ruffee to distract the latter while the former looked at the lyrics. Then during the song, Buster alternates the lyrics. Because of how it was alternated, the children begin to cry.


Baby monkey was so little and sweet.

Baby monkey tried to cross the street.

He looked to the left and looked to the right

And when the traffic was done,

He stepped off the curb and was hit by a bus

And knocked to Kingdom Come.

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