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Tiny Toon Adventures
Rock 'N' Roar
Season 1, Episode 16
Rock 'N' Roar.png
Air date 5 October 1990
Written by Sheryl Scarborough, Jim Reardon, Kayne Kuch
Directed by Art Vitello
Gag credit Today's Lesson Kids - Eat Your Vegetables!
End tag Buster: "And that's a wrap!"
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Rock 'N' Roar is the 16th broadcast episode and ninth produced episode of Tiny Toon Adventures. It was written by Sheryl Scarborough, Jim Reardon, and Kayne Kuch, and directed by Art Vitello.


Buster Bunny introduces the show, spinning a soccer ball. He and Hamton J. Pig play against Babs Bunny and Shirley the Loon in a game of soccer, but unfortunately Montana Max invades the field in a vehicle with extremely large wheels and blasts Buster, holding his soccer ball, with a powerful water hose through the forest. Buster's ball bounces down a large hole and Buster goes after it. Below is a cave full of thousands of eggs, which all look like Buster's soccer ball, and Buster picks up one of them believing it to be his soccer ball.

Back at Buster's home, the egg begins to hatch while Buster is playing with it in bed, as it bounces around his room and lands in front of him. The egg hatches and reveals itself to be a baby purple dinosaur. Buster names him "Rover", which the dinosaur apparently doesn't like, and tries to feed him, but Rover rejects the food, mainly vegetables. Buster reads in the Acme Prehistoric History book that Rover is a Tyrannosaurus rex and eats a mainly carnivorous diet that includes small mammals, like Buster. Rover gets real hungry and chases Buster into a dead-end, an empty pantry, and Buster gives in and realizes his baby "son" has to eat. Rover begins to cry and calls Buster "Mamma", and can't eat him.

Buster begins feeding Rover large loads of vegetables from his garden, and Rover begs for more with Buster proclaiming that he is the first vegetarian tyrannosaurus rex in history. Rover grows quickly to about the size of an actual T-rex and sneakingly follows Buster to school, while knocking down trees among other things, He also ends up terrifying Babs and Plucky by trampling on Babs' rose garden and draining Plucky's entire pond of water. Buster calms them down at school and explains to them that Rover is his pet. Monty comes around to scare Buster again, but instead he gets squashed by Rover and runs away. He decides to kidnap Rover from Buster since he believes he is supposed to be the first kid on the block to own anything, especially a dinosaur.

Buster decides to take Rover to an Obedience School after talking it over with Babs and Plucky. He takes him to "Foghorn Leghorn Obedience School", where Foghorn teaches Rover to behave and learn tricks, with Foghorn being the victim such as being squashed by Rover when he tells him to "sit" or "play dead". Buster, Babs, Plucky, and Rover are walking home and Buster tells Rover that he is going to make him the biggest carrot cake ever. However, Rover wanders off into an alley by himself where he follows and eats a trail of cakes leading to his capture in a net trap built by Monty.

The net holding Rover breaks and Monty takes off again. Meanwhile, Buster is shocked to find that Rover hasn't followed him home and runs back to Acme Acres to find Rover, with Babs and Plucky accompanying him. Rover yells out "Mamma" and Buster comes running for him. They meet up in the street, with Buster getting accidentally stepped on by Rover, and Babs and Plucky feel that Rover does not belong in Acme Acres as he is "out of place".

Monty comes back to capture Rover, this time by air in a small airplane, and fires torpedoes at them. Rover, carrying Babs and Buster with Plucky riding his tail, flees back to the forest. Monty chases after them, but his airplane malfunctions and it begins to crash. It slams into Rover's rear-end while he is trying to squeeze into the hole Buster from which took his egg, and sends Monty back into the air and finally crashing on the ground and into a rock.

Buster, Babs and Plucky feel it is safer down in the cave for Rover, but they can't figure out where all of his siblings must be from all the hatched eggs on the ground. Rover lets out a loud and sad roar, and the wall behind them opens up, revealing an undiscovered paradise world. Buster tells Rover he must go be with his family and friends, as Monty would chase him for the rest of his life if he stayed in Acme Acres. Rover and Buster bid their sad farewells to each other with Babs and Plucky sobbing, and Buster reminds Rover to not forget to eat his vegetables.

Babs is puzzled of what happened to Buster's soccer ball and the three Tiny Toons stand and stare at the wall, now closed with Rover on the other side. In the last scene, Rover is playing with Buster's soccer ball along with two of his siblings.


  • When Buster is stomped on by Rover, Plucky wants someone to call Dr. Scholl, a podiatrist who founded a foot care product company.


  • This episode was adapted into a Golden Look-Look Book with an extended ending; Buster tries to get his soccer ball back to prove to Montana Max that there was no dinosaur, but instead picks up a dinosaur egg that hatches into a baby girl dinosaur. Also, Rover is yellow instead of purple.
  • Buzz Books published another adaptation based on the episode.
  • Babs mistakenly thinks he is referring to a disease when Buster says he is "spelunking," a fancy way of saying "caving."
  • Babs is wearing white gloves in the shot where she holds up a "Bingo" card and the shot after that.


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Charlie Adler Buster Bunny
Tress MacNeille Babs Bunny
Joe Alaskey Plucky Duck
Frank Welker Rover, Orange Cat
Danny Cooksey Montana Max
Jeff Bergman Foghorn Leghorn


  • Monty: "Hey, Paelay, get your kicks somewhere else! I need this field to practice my figure eights."
Buster: "You can't even count to eight, Monty. You better start with figure twos!"
  • Babs: "Hey, Buster, what are you doing down there?"
Buster: "What does it look like? I'm spelunking!"
Babs: "I think there's a medicine you can take for that now."
  • Plucky (after diving into his swamp after Rover drank all its water): "Hey, my water's gone! Oh, the Acme Water Authority is going to hear about this!"
  • Foghorn (About a chihuahua): "This one's so skinny, he has to run around in the shower to get wet!"
  • Buster: "Gee, Foggy, you're good at playing dead, too."
Foghorn (after Rover plays dead and lands on him): "Who's, I say, who's playing?"
  • Plucky: "This is obviously a classic case of dinosaurus disappearius! Alert the media!! Break in the search parties!!! Check the milk cartons!!!! Call Geraldo!!!!!"
  • Buster: "Does this feel like an old Lassie episode to you?"
  • Buster (upon discovering a lost dinosaur cave): "I never did buy that whole extinction theory."


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