Renee Carter

Renee Carter is one of the three 8th grade girls who wrote the script for the episode "Buster And Babs Go Hawaiian".


She is a thirteen-year-old girl with short brown hair, who wears a light green sweater, green pants and green shoes. She also wears a watch on her left arm.


She and her friends were first mentioned by Steven Spielberg when Buster complained that the cartoon didn't star them and he gave them the script called "Buster and Babs Go Hawaiian". At first they both loved the idea, however, when Babs read they were going on a plane, Buster hated the idea. Before they began shooting the episode, Buster decided to talk to the writers, Renee Carter, and the others about the plane scene. Because they refused to change it, Buster had no choice but to accept it, and so he reluctantly did.


  • Renee, Sarah, and Amy are based on 3 live-action girls who wrote the script for the cartoon.
  • Renee is voiced by Cree Summer, who is best known for voicing Elmyra Duff and Mary Melody.
  • As of December 2012, Carter, now Renee Carter Hall, is a professional writer of fantasy novels.
  • The doodles of Babs and Buster that bookend the episode were inspired by Carter's original drawings in the story sent to Steven Spielberg.
  • She appeared on an episode of the web series Nostalgia Critic on November 15, 2016, where she talked about her experience with writing the episode "Buster and Babs Go Hawaiian" with her friends.

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