Reginald the Butler and Suzette the Maid

Reginald and Suzette are minor characters in Tiny Toon Adventures. They are a butler and maid who used to work for Prince Charles and Princess Diana, and the main antagonists of the episode "Europe in 30 Minutes". They were voiced by Tim Curry and Valri Bromfield, respectively.


Reginald is a tall man with black hair and a mustache, who wears a grey suit with a white undershirt, a red vest and black shoes. Suzette is a fat woman with red hair and green eyes, who wears a maid outfit.


After arriving to Buckingham Palace, home of England's royal family, Buster, Babs, Plucky and Hamton try to find Prince Charles and Princess Diana, only to run into Reginald and Suzette, who plan to kidnap Charles and Diana and hold them for ransom. Once they get their fortune, they will fly off to Rio and live wickedly ever after. They later appear again when Reginald mistakes Buster and Babs for the real Prince Charles and Princess Diana and kidnaps them. After capturing them, Reginald writes the ransom note. Suzette suspects that they aren't the real Charles and Diana, and as Reginald tries to deny her, telling her that Prince Charles has big ears like Buster's, but he starts to notice that they aren't Charles and Diana when he compares the fact that Princess Diana has small feet, while Babs is known to have big feet, and the fact that Buster and Babs are both furry. After Buster and Babs escape, Reginald and Suzette chase them. They later appear at the Buckingham Palace gardens, still chasing Buster and Babs, and just as they are about to recapture them, the real Charles and Diana arrive and Babs tells Diana (in "Royaleze", the same unfamiliar matter both Charles and Diana spoke in this episode) about Reginald and Suzette's kidnapping plot and both Reginald and Suzette were fired and arrested.

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