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Robin (Right) with Buster, Plucky, and Hamton

Red Rad Robin Killem's is a international comedian who appeared in the episode "Henny Youngman Day" episode segment "Stand-up and Deliver". He was voiced by Maurice LaMarche.


Red Rad is a tall, red robin with brown hair, wearing a long-sleeved, white-collared shirt, light blue pants and black shoes.


He first appeared when Babs thought she was going next at the Acme Improv. He seems to be a very funny comedian, as he made fun of the audience, such as pulling Montana Max's arm and making him act like a slot machine, making fun of Plucky and Buster for not wearing pants, even quoting Hamlet while doing Elmer's voice. After his routine, he saw Babs bombing in front of the audience, realizing that he wasn't the last act of Open Mic Night,  Robin helped Babs with her comedy act and they became a huge critical success. After all her friends left, Babs gave Robin a big hug and thanked him as she couldn't have been a huge critical success without his help.


  • Red Robin is a parody of Robin Williams.