Queegee (right) on the phone with George (left)

Queegee is a minor character on Tiny Toon Adventures. She appears in Take Elmyra Please as the maid of Elmyra and the Duff residence. She has short blonde hair, buck teeth and wears a white apron and a blue dress.

She seems oblivious to most things, but does do what the Duffs tell her to do. An example of her obliviousness is shown when she answers the phone and Elmyra's kidnappers inform her that they will not see Elmyra again until they get Mac's formula, which she responds with Okay...Bye-bye (a phrase she says quite often, as well as Okay...Thank you), hangs up the phone and walks away. She also appears to be very strong, shown when she goes to get the door for a news reporter, ripping it off of its hinges and walking away with it. When she goes to put it back on, the cameraman steps on it and squashes her underneath it. She appears one last time with the Duff family on a newscast interviewing Elmyra after she’s freed of the kidnappers.


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