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Tiny Toon Adventures
Psychic Fun-omenon Day
Season 1, Episode 33
Shirley telling Calamity his fortune
Air date 7 November 1990
Written by Jim Reardon, Earl Kress, Tom Ruegger
Directed by Art Leonardi
Gag credit Favorite Cartoon - One Froggy Evening
End tag Buster: "And that's a wrap!"
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Spring in Acme Acres
The Wide World of Elmyra

Psychic Fun-omenon Day is the 33rd episode of Tiny Toon Adventures.


Shirley the Loon is a fortuneteller at the Acme Acres Carnival and introduces the episode segments by telling the Tiny Toons their fortunes.


Piece of Mind

Calamity Coyote orders an Acme Death Ray to zap Little Beeper. He installs it at the top of the Rump Tower, the world's tallest building. Little Beeper appears at the top of the building and Calamity tries to zap him but instead, Beeper tricks him into cutting the top of the building. Calamity is fooled and cuts off where he installed the death ray. As Calamity falls, Wile E. Coyote (in a rare speaking appearance) narrates his life story. It is revealed that in Calamity's life story, Calamity and Little Beeper were born on the same day, beginning their age-long rivalry. Years later, Calamity sent away for his first Acme Catalogue, where his unlimited Acme charge account brought him numerous products with which to catch Little Beeper, such as a rocket-powered tricycle. Not long after, Calamity's father got a new job in Acme Acres and they were moving away. Little Beeper was moving as well, continuing their rivalry. After narrating Calamity's life story, Wile E. says a long-drawn out good-bye (despite his self-proclaimed intellect), and Calamity, annoyed with him, puts him in his place. Wile E. falls and lands on the road, saying, "Don't I get anything flashed in front of my eyes?" with Little Beeper driving a truck flattening him shortly after.

Class Cut-up

Foghorn Leghorn assigns his students to dissect frogs. Hamton's frog turns out to be Michigan J. Frog, who dances and sings when only Hamton is looking. When he tries to tell Foghorn about the singing frog, he doesn't believe him and sends him to the nurse's office. Granny takes his temperature, but while she is away, Michigan sings again. Granny thinks Hamton was the one who sang, but Hamton tells her that is was Michigan who sang. Granny doesn't believe him and sends him to the principal's office. While Hamton is waiting for Bugs Bunny the principal, Michigan sings again, this time into the PA microphone. Bugs is upset at Hamton, but Hamton tells him that it was Michigan that sang. Bugs doesn't believe him and sends him to Dr. Ann T. Dote the psychiatrist. Michigan sings once again, and Ann hears him, but thinks Hamton is singing. Hamton tells her that Michigan sang, but once again, nobody believes him. To get rid of Michigan, Hamton take him to the cemetery and tries to bury him, but Michigan summons zombies to attack him. The next day, Foghorn assigns his students to dissect some earthworms. Hamton is relieved, until he finds his worm singing and faints.

Rear Window Pain

Plucky fakes breaking his limb as an excuse to get out of Yosemite Sam's pop quiz. Babs gives Plucky a pair of binoculars as a present, so Plucky can look outside his hospital room's window. Plucky uses his binoculars to spy on unsuspecting citizens. He sees Granny teaching Elmyra how to play the piano. Although Elmyra plays terribly, Granny tells her she's doing much better this week, to which Elmyra tells her "I've been practicing." They notice Plucky spying on them, and Granny throws a metronome, and later the piano at Plucky. Plucky notices Elmer Fudd growing eggplants, and talking to them as if they were his children. He thinks Elmer is making clones and tries to stop him, but falls out the window and puts himself in even more pain. When Buster and Babs stop by to check on him, he tries to warn them. Shirley arrives with Elmer Fudd, who tells Plucky he's growing his own eggplants for his secret eggplant-parmesan recipe, and he's giving some to the neighbors in his apartment building. He gives Plucky some, but Plucky is reluctant because he thinks that the real Elmer is one of the clones. Buster, Babs, and Shirley confine Plucky to a hospital bed so he can't look out the window anymore. Back at his apartment, Elmer is angry because Plucky accused him of cloning. Elmer's eggplants turn into purple-colored Elmer clones while he isn't looking.


  • "Rear Window Pain" is a parody of the Alfred Hitchcock film Rear Window.
  • At the end of "Rear Window Pain", the Elmer Fudd clones say, "He don't know me vewwy well, do he?", which was the catchphrase of Red Skelton's radio character the "Mean Widdle Kid", often quoted by characters in the Looney Tunes cartoons.


  • "Piece of Mind" marks the first and only appearances of Calamity Coyote and Little Beeper as babies.
  • "Little Go Beep", a Looney Tunes cartoon with a plot similar to "Piece of Mind", was made ten years after this episode. It revealed that Wile E Coyote has been chasing the Road Runner since childhood. 
  • In the opening wraparound, several other Tiny Toons take part as carnival attractions. Dizzy Devil is the world's greatest eating machine, Hamton is the world's thinnest fat guy, Plucky is the flying trapeze, Gogo is the now extinct dodo, and Elmyra is the bearded lady.
  • In "Rear Window Pain", the cards on Plucky's nightstand say "Get Well, Love, Babs", "Get Lost, Love, Buster", and "Get Real, Love, Shirley".
  • "Class Cut-Up" is a remake of "One Froggy Evening".
  • This is not the first time Wile E. Coyote speaks. He spoke previously in four Bugs Bunny cartoons and the unaired TV pilot The Adventures of the Road Runner.
  • At the end of "Piece of Mind", after Calamity is tricked into zapping the pole that he's on, the death ray is not at the bottom when Wile E. lands on the pavement.


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Charlie Adler Buster Bunny, Ms. Ann T. Dote
Tress MacNeille Babs Bunny
Cree Summer Elmyra Duff
Joe Alaskey Plucky Duck, Wile E. Coyote, The Stork, Elmer Clones
Frank Welker Furrball, Gogo Dodo, Calamity Coyote, Little Beeper
Maurice LaMarche Dizzy Devil
Gail Matthius Shirley the Loon
Don Messick Hamton J. Pig
June Foray Granny
John Hillner Michigan J. Frog, Worm
Jeff Bergman Elmer Fudd, Bugs Bunny, Foghorn Leghorn


  • Shirley (Offscreen to Calamity after he falls off the cliff behind her carpet): "Like, look out for that first step!... Okay?!"
  • Beeper: "Beep, beep!" (Calamity jumps and whacks himself in the head) "Beep, beep!"
  • Shirley: "Oh no, this is horrible! It's hideous, it's awful!"
Hamton: "What is it?"
Shirley: "A Facts of Life rerun. Yuckola!"
  • Gogo: "I may be Looney, but even I don't believe that croaked frog can sing!"
  • Hamton: "You dirty rats! You think I'm crazy, they think I'm crazy, even I think I'm crazy, but the frog knows I'm not crazy, and he's going to prove it to you!"
  • Michigan (singing, as he and various undead creatures rise from the grave): "Jeepers creepers,
Wake up, you sleepers,
Jeepers creepers,
Let's get this guy!"
  • Plucky: "The nerve of her to call me a Peeping Tom. I'm a peeping Plucky!"
  • Elmer Fudd: "I should sue that duck for swander. He accused me of cwoning; evewybody knows that's impossible."
Elmer Clones: "He don't know us vewy well, do he? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"


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