Polecat Woman is a villain who appears in the Inside Plucky Duck episode segment, Bat's All Folks.


Polecat Woman is an average sized woman (tallest of the villains) who has black hair, red lips, and wears a brown leotard with black cat ears and a black tail and a red mask, light blue boots and gloves, and a utility belt.


Polecat Woman was first seen when Batduck said her name as well as the names of the other villains in a frightened tone. She didn't do much except play with a red yarn ball. Even though she didn't attack Batduck, she and the other Villains were crushed by the Giant Baby doll and arrested afterwards.


  • Polecat Woman is a parody of CatWoman, one of the main antagonists/anti-heroes of the Batman series, and also Batman's love interest.
  • She is one of two Batduck villains who is human, the second being Question Mark.
  • She is one of two Batduck villains who doesn't speak, the second being The Puffin.
  • She is the only villain who is not defeated by Batduck in battle.

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