Plucky's dream girl

Plucky's Dream Girl is a minor character in Tiny Toon Adventures. She appears as Plucky's love interest and appeared in Plucky's and Hamton's events in the Tiny Toon Adventures: Spring Break Special.

Although she is Plucky's love interest, she eventually ends up kissing Hamton instead.


She is a female duck with green feathers (lighter than Plucky's), blonde hair (lighter than Shirley's), big blue eyes, and wears a pink one-piece swimsuit.


She was introduced when Plucky was adjusting his Tan Meister 6000. At first, Plucky doesn't even look at her, as he tells her that the show's over and that she should find another sucker to laugh at. As he continues tearing apart the insides of the control device, she then mentions that he is kind of cute, in which Plucky turned around to see an attractive, young female duck. After she left, Plucky began his search for her. She was seen again, waving at Plucky as he was lifted into the air with a crowd of women who mistaken him for Lyle Lovett, and as soon as she left, Plucky tried to go after her, until he bumped into Pappy and Bubbie Pig, Hamton's grandparents, who invited them to their home. Later at the home, Plucky spotted her again, in a white car. He escaped from the house and began to chase her. As soon as the car stopped, it was revealed that he chased the wrong car and mistaken Suzanne Somers for his dream girl. She appears again at the Spring Break Last Night Beach Party Blow-Out at the buffet, where Plucky tried to get near her again, but slipped on the platters and fell to the ground. A steel top slams down hard on his head, smashing in his head and face, and causing him to lose sight of her. She makes her last appearance when Plucky ran and both were about to kiss, only to see that Plucky had kissed Elmyra instead and found out that his dream girl liked Hamton instead, as she lifted him up and kissed him several times on his face.


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