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Tiny Toon Adventures
Pledge Week
Season 2, Episode 66
Buster hosts the Tiny Toon Telethon
Air date 16 September 1991
Written by Sherri Stoner, Paul Dini, Chris Otsuki, Nicholas Hollander,
Directed by Barry Caldwell, Norm McCabe, Kent Butterworth
Gag credit Quick Question: - Those Babes Around Arnold -- What Kind of Animals Were They?
End tag Buster: "And that's a wrap!"
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Pledge Week is the first episode of the second season of Tiny Toon Adventures, and the 66th episode overall.


It's the first ever Tiny Toon Telethon, and as the Tiny Toons are taking calls, Buster turns to the board to check the grand total. So far, it's empty. He sees Elmyra has a call, but it turns out to be from a prank caller who asks, "Is there a Bill Loney here?"

In the second act, the grand total is still empty. Buster and Babs inform the viewers of the quality programming their donations give them, such as Mr. Ruegger's Neighborhood, and the cartoons. Just as Buster introduces the next cartoon, Elmyra gets another call, once again from the prank caller, who asks, "Is there a Pepi Roni here?"

In the third act, the grand total is still empty, so Babs tells the viewers the items membership has to offer; One membership will get viewers a tote bag, Two memberships will get them a Furrball sport bottle, and a family membership will get them Plucky Duck, not a toy or a video, but the actual Plucky. This brings the final grand total up to seven cents. Elmyra's last call is once again from the prank caller, who is looking for "Ima Yutz".


It's All Relatives

Babs' date with Buster has been cancelled because her grandmother is visiting. When her mother and grandmother talk to each other, Babs tries to sneak away, but her mother insists she show her grandmother "that funny thing she does." Babs spends the whole day doing impressions, but none of them are the one her mother wants. After doing impressions, she finds out her mother and grandmother are paying attention to her baby brother Mortimer, who has sat up on his own (only to later fall over). Outraged, Babs snaps, and then falls over, saying, "I've fallen and I can't get up." Her mother finally remembers that that was the funny thing she wanted, and she and her grandmother are impressed. Babs brings in Elmer Fudd and demands he shoot her.

Lifeguard Lunacy

All the Tiny Toons are hanging out at the pool. Calamity Coyote has a new job as a junior lifeguard, under the supervision of Arnold the Pit Bull, who both physically and verbally abuses him. Calamity's first job is to keep little children off the high dive. Li'l Sneezer is at the top of the high dive, and he is allergic to heights. Elmyra sees him, and pushes a button that she doesn't know what it does. The button unplugs the drain plug and drains the pool. Sneezer sneezes, and falls off the diving board. Calamity borrows Mary Melody's inner tube to use as a trampoline to rescue him. Mary notices her inner tube stuck to the ladders and dislodges it, and it lands on Arnold. With no water or inner tube to cushion his fall, Calamity lands in the pool's drain. Arnold orders Calamity to refill the pool. Calamity tries to do so, but Elmyra notices him and tries to help by giving him more water. Unfortunately, she gives him too much water and he and the hose fly all over the pool. They go through the pool equipment shack, where Calamity is put in a scuba suit. When he crashes into Arnold, who is being wooed by some babes, Arnold ties him in the hose and tosses him towards a brick wall. The hose gets caught in the suit and fills it with water. Arnold insults Calamity and pushes the Pressure Release button, which refills the pool and slides Calamity towards the snack bar. At the snack bar, Arnold tells Calamity not to let Hamton in the pool, as he has just eaten, and will cramp up if he swims immediately. Calamity warns Hamton, but Hamton pays no attention and cramps up. Calamity tries to save him by tossing a life preserver, but both Elmyra and Arnold get in the way. As Arnold tosses the life preserver, Calamity gets tied up in the rope and accidentally knocks Arnold into the pool. Ironically enough, Arnold can't swim, so Elmyra and Hamton tell Calamity to save him. They toss him into the pool, and he carries Arnold out. The babes who were previously wooing Arnold turn their attention to Calamity for being a hero. Elmyra notices Arnold lonely, and attempts to cheer him up, but he runs away.

The Kite

Hamton buys a butterfly-shaped kite from F.A.T. Katz. As he flies it on the beach, a nearby moth mistakes it for a giant butterfly. The moth is then chased by a seagull, but the kite knocks the seagull out. When Hamton lets go of the kite, it flies down and the moth tries to save it. The kite and the moth fly all over Acme Acres, and the kite eventually gets it string caught in the back of a truck. The truck stops at a red light, and the kite lands on the sidewalk, where a bunch of people run over it. The moth takes the kite to an air vent, where the ventilated air blows it away. It begins to rain, and the kite flies through the forest, eventually landing in a mud puddle. The moth finds a cardboard box where he and the kite take shelter. The kite has fallen apart, and the moth is sad. By morning, the storm clears up. Buster finds the kite and repairs it. He paints a smiling face on it, and as he flies it, the moth notices the kite is missing. He finds the kite flying, and is happy to see it smiling as they fly off.


  • This episode parodies the PBS telethons, including programming. An example is Mr. Ruegger's Neighborhood, a parody of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, as well as a reference to Tiny Toons showrunner Tom Ruegger.
  • In "It's All Relatives", Babs' impressions include Homey the Clown from In Living Color, Madonna, Yogi Bear, Charlie Brown, Popeye, Roger Rabbit, and Marge, Bart, and Maggie Simpson.
  • In "It's All Relatives", the funny thing that Babs does is the infamous line from the LifeAlert ad, "I've fallen and I can't get up!"
  • In "The Kite", the Toy Store F.A.T. Katz, is a spoof of the New York toy store, F.A.O. Schwarz.


  • The "Do-the-Funny-Thing-That-You-Do" routine from "It's All Relatives" would be used again in the Animaniacs cartoon "Cutie and the Beast".
  • Babs, parodying 2 Live Crew, sings a cover version of the rap group's song "Me So Horny", titled "Me So Bunny", which avoids naughty lyrics in the segment "It's All Relatives".
  • "It's All Relatives" is the only episode where Tress provides all the voices in the same cartoon.
  • Drooley Davey makes a cameo appearance in "Lifeguard Lunacy".
  • In "Lifeguard Lunacy", when Arnold is pushed into the pool and says he can't swim, Calamity is barefoot. Two scenes later, he is wearing shoes. When Calamity carries Arnold out of the pool, he is barefoot again. After the toons cheer, his shoes are back again.
  • "Lifeguard Lunacy" marks the second time Calamity goes through a problem that Furrball went through, this time being bullied by Arnold the Pit Bull.
  • In "Lifeguard Lunacy", Shirley was wearing her normal pink shirt and Plucky was wearing his white tanktop, then in the next couple of scenes Shirley started wearing her swimsuit and Plucky started wearing his striped color tanktop.
  • In "Lifeguard Lunacy" when Calamity was rescuing Arnold, Buster, Babs, Plucky, and Shirley are standing next to to a girl that looks just like one of the pool babes, but she wears a one piece bathing suit instead of a two piece bathing suit.
  • In "The Kite", after the kite knocks out the bird, and the moth flies toward him, the kite's eyes follow, as if the kite were alive.
  • On Hulu, the end credits for "Her Wacky Highness" are shown instead, with the music slowed down slightly.


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Charlie Adler Buster Bunny
Tress MacNeille Babs Bunny, Babs' Mother, Babs' Grandmother, Additional Voices
Don Messick Hamton J. Pig
Cree Summer Elmyra Duff, Mary Melody
Kath Soucie Li'l Sneezer, Additional Voices
Frank Welker Furrball, Calamity Coyote, Moth, Seagull
Rob Paulsen Arnold the Pit Bull



  • Elmyra (on the phone): "I dunno, I'll ask. (Off the phone) Is there a Bill Loney in here?"
Buster: "Hang up."
  • Babs' Mother: "And on Babsy's first day of preschool, she came out of her room with no clothes on, and said, 'I'm ready for school!'"
  • Mr. Ruegger: "Yeah, yeah, it's a beautiful day in my neighborhood, So?"
  • Elmyra: "Is there a Pepe Roni in here?"
Buster (irritated): "Hang up."
  • Mary (after Calamity takes the inner tube where she was reclined}: "Huh?" (falls on the ground) "Ow!"
  • Arnold: "Smell my words, and hear my breath, wimpy pool person. Make yourself useful and refill the pool!"
  • Arnold: "Since you are here, don't let this pig eat like a pig and then swim and cramp up!"
  • Elmyra: "I have a phone call here for Ima Yutz. Ima Yutz?"
Buster: "Just run the last cartoon." (Buster's foot gets caught in the phone cord, pulling him away)


  • To read the transcript of this episode, click here.


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