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Perfecto Prep is a lavish preparatory school located in Acme Acres. Despite its reputation in performance, it where cheating and villanous characters from Tiny Toon Adventures attend, such as Roderick and Rhubella Rat. It is rivals with Acme Looniversity, especially in sports.


  • Roderick Rat
  • Rhubella Rat
  • Margot Mallard
  • Danforth Drake
  • Other male students include a horse who is referred to by some fans Bledsoe Brabant, and by others as Hector Horse, an elephant who is referred to by some fans Edgar Elephant, an unnamed deer, and a football team majority of whom appear to be dog like students.
  • Other female students include a cow who is referred to by some fans as named Bertha Bovine and by others as Bernice Bovine.
  • Swan Dancers - Giselle, Isabelle, Gabrielle & Chantelle


Perfecto Prep's school motto is "We never lose!"

Alma Mater

Oh, Perfecto Prep, the perfect school,

Where winning is our only rule.

There is no team we cannot beat,

Because, you see, we always cheat!


  • Considering the episode of The Acme Bowl states the school up to that point has existed for 200 years, Perfecto likely started in 1790.
  • In Perfecto Prep student body meetings and pep rallies, the students dress in cloaks like in a cult and meet in a special cave chamber when they gather. This implies the school body runs on a fraternal/phratry/student society/secret society like order.
  • Dorm rooms are specified with top notch modern day accommodations, including high class apartment suite like fittings, hot tubs, spacious living rooms, and wide deck balconies with a view of ACME Acres. Roderick and Danforth's dorm includes the former, littered with trophies and a main trophy shelf, decorated with a Perfecto Prep banner, comfy furniture, carpet to stone flooring, a changing partition/shoji, and workout equipment. Students are also provided with attentive servants for services such as catering and cleaning.
  • The school's name is an homage to how Disney as a company, especially in its theme parks, presents a "perfect", "magical" and family-friendly image.
  • Transportation is also covered by the school, providing limos stocked to the brim with comfort accommodations and furnishings such as onboard tvs, video games, soda and ice machines, fridges, and even to onboard entertainment centers, including bowling alleys and mini golf courses. These of course are driven by hired escort drivers.
  • As shown with Roderick, Danforth, and Hector, students of the school can be recognized by their grim and malicious grins and attitudes. Acme Bowl showcases that a defining trait of the school's "toon physics" comes in the form of sharp, grimacing teeth and menacing body features that transform as according to their disposition.
  • While many students of Perfecto Prep appear arrogant and spoiled, the elephant and deer student in the Acme bowl episode actually say some complimentary things about Buster's quarterback skills. However, it was a momentary remark and probably more of a warning to Roderick than positive thoughts about Buster.
  • Many fans believe that the students of Perfecto are based on Disney characters, including Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck, Horace Horsecollar, Clarabelle Cow, Dumbo, and Bambi. In addition, the football players shown in The Acme Bowl are similar to that of Goofy the Dog and Pete the Cat.