Penelope Pussycat is a character from Looney Tunes who makes a one-time appearance in Tiny Toon Adventures. In the Looney Tunes shorts, she is chased by Pepé Le Pew, who mistakes her for a female skunk; a few of those same shorts show that Penelope is equally attracted to Pepé, and runs away from him primarily because of the odor emitted by his tail.

Appearance on Tiny Toon Adventures

Although Penelope is never seen with Furrball, the latter can be viewed as the Tiny Toon counterpart of both her and Sylvester, given that Furrball shares Penelope’s tendencies towards mutism, timidity, misfortune and homelessness. Aroma Amore reinforces this interpretation; Furrball is mistaken by Fifi La Fume for a male skunk and, after getting the stripe on his tail washed off, feels bad for her to the point of deliberately painting white stripes on two other cats in order to cheer Fifi up with a new prospective boyfriend. This is a contrast to Calamity Coyote who, despite also feeling sorry for Fifi at the end of Love Stinks, merely waits for Little Beeper to be accidentally covered in tar and feathers before getting her to chase his arch-enemy.

Penelope appears briefly in the Season 3 finale, It's A Wonderful Tiny Toons Christmas Special, when Babs watches a cartoon of her and Pépe on a projector screen. Here, she is at a New Year's party and escapes from his clutches and runs off as he tries to kiss her.


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