Pedro's Parents are characters who make a one-time appearance in Tiny Toon Adventures. They appear in the episode "High Toon". Pedro's Father was voiced by Don Messick, and Pedro's Mother was voiced by Tress MacNeille.

About Pedro's Parents

Pedro's parents first appear at High Noon, when the Coyote Kid and his Gang ride into town and steal food from the villagers. Pedro's Father has a bowl filled with ears of corn, which Pedro takes from him, and begs him and his Mother not to give it to the Coyotes. Pedro's Father tells him they have no choice but to give it to them, and the Coyote Kid takes the bowl of corn. He empties the bowl, saying he's seen feet with better corns. After the Coyote Kid steals Buster and Babs' money, the two rabbits, believing they went to the AcmeLand amusement part (due to Beaky Buzzard inadvertently switching the signs around), ask Pedro and his parents what kind of amusement park Prairie Junction is. Pedro's Parents tell them that they're not in an amusement park, rather their town. Pedro's Father tells Buster and Babs that every day at High Noon, the Coyote Kid and his Gang come to Prairie Junction to rob it. Buster and Babs are determined to get their money back, despite Pedro's Father's insistence not to, believing the Coyotes are too tough. Pedro's Mother adds that it would take an army to defeat them, which persuades Buster and Babs to come back with one. Pedro is determined to help Buster and Babs defeat the Coyotes, but his Father tells him otherwise, and that Buster and Babs are on their own.

Later in the episode, Buster, Babs, Plucky, and Pedro return to Prairie Junction after having rescued Hamton and recovered Buster and Babs' money, and Pedro's Parents are happy to see him again. When Plucky reminds Buster and Babs that the Coyote Kid and his gang are going to return to Prairie Junction, Buster decides that he, Babs, Plucky, and Hamton should be able to outsmart the Coyotes. Pedro's Father decides that this time, he, his family, and the villagers can all help them. When the Coyotes arrive at Prairie Junction, everyone throws a Coyote Kid Day fiesta. Pedro invites the Coyotes into the Rotgut Saloon for a free lunch, and Pedro's Mother acts as a waitress, telling the Coyotes that their special today is chili, which she cooked herself. Her chili is so hot, that Plucky has to wear a hazmat suit and contain it in a beaker to serve it. When the Coyotes eat the chili, it is too hot for them to handle, so they wash it down with water from a drinking trough. Pedro's Parents then watch as the Coyotes partake in a square dancing event, with Hamton as the fiddler, who fiddles faster and faster, making the coyotes feel very sick. After Buster traps the Coyotes in a prison that says, BAD GUYS (cleverly disguised as an outhouse that says, GUYS, he, Babs, Plucky, and Hamton tell Pedro's Parents and the other villagers that they're going back to Acme Acres, but promise to return when the episode is rerun.


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