Pappy pig

Pappy Pig

Bubbie pig

Bubbie Pig

Pappy and Bubbie Pig are the Grandparents of Hamton J. Pig who appear in the Tiny Toon Adventures: Spring Break Special.


Pappy and Bubbie were first mentioned by Hamton's father Wade, who forced him to go on the Spring Break Adventure, instead of staying to clean the house. They were finally introduced when Plucky bumped into the back car door while chasing his Dream Girl. They invite both Plucky and Hamton to stay at their house, but because of their age, they drove so slow, that all the other cars drove past them. After they made it to the house, Pappy, Bubbie and Hamton began to play Mahjong while Plucky tried to escape, and in a insane daydream, Plucky imagned Pappy and Bubbie as jailers while he saw himself as a prisoner trying to escape from prison. After Plucky's escape, Pappy and Bubbie were not seen again.


  • They were voiced by Jim Cummings and Tress MacNeille, respectively.
  • Judging by the way they talk, it is assumed that they are Jewish.
  • Many fans wonder if Pappy and Bubbie are either the parents of Winnie or Wade Pig, as there is no specific evidence.
  • Whenever they address Plucky, Pappy calls him, "Mr. Plucky Duck" while Bubbie calls him, "Hamton's friend Plucky".

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