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Orson Whales is a minor character in Tiny Toon Adventures. He is a whale and the host of the Season 2 episode "Toon Physics". He is a parody of the famous actor Orson Welles. He was voiced by Maurice LaMarche. The voice used was also famously used for the character of The Brain in the series Animaniacs, and its spin off breakaway Kids WB hit series, Pinky and the Brain.

About Orson

Orson demonstrates how toon physics differ from real life's physics. Twice in the episode segment "The Year Book Star", he interrupts at the most suspenseful parts.


  • "In real life, wishing upon a star would be fruitless, it would burn your wishes into cosmic dust; you'd be left with squadoo. However, in toon physics, wishing upon a star will get you whatever your heart desires, and the end result; pure-fire comic hi-jinks."
  • "In real physics, helium would be needed to make a balloon rise. In Furrball's case, any old gas would do. For comedy's sake, a can of baked beans might have been funnier."
  • "At this point, I thought we'd all take a moment to consider the meaning of life. I prefer to believe that all living things were descended from the Brussels sprout. How about you?"
  • "At this point I thought it would be important to interrupt for interruption's sake. I get paid more for every line I say."