Oogie is a minor character in Tiny Toon Adventures. He is a closet monster that resembles a Toad with purple fur, pink spots and light, yellow eyes and lips. He was voiced by Joe Alaskey.

Appearances on Tiny Toon Adventures

Oogie appears in the What Makes Toons Tick episode segment, Nothing to Sneeze At. He was formerly Hamton's closet monster, but since Hamton no longer believes in closet monsters, he loses his job, and the other monsters sympathize with him because they all lost their jobs as well. As he goes to the monster room, the receptionist tells the monsters that a closet monster job has just opened. The monsters are excited for the new job opening, until they find out the victim is Li'l Sneezer. All the monsters are afraid of him and run off. Oogie takes the job, as he has never met Sneezer before.

Later that night, Oogie sneaks into Sneezer's bedroom and tries to scare him, but Sneezer is delighted by him, and not scared. Sneezer decides to make scary sounds as well, much to Oogie's disapproval. Sneezer sneezes and sends Oogie flying backwards, as he is allergic to nightmares.

When Oogie tries to scare Sneezer again, he poses as a cat. Sneezer sneezes again, as he is allergic to cats as well. Sneezer's sneezes cause Oogie to lose his fur, leaving him bald and in his underwear. Oogie quits and heads back home.

Back home, Oogie goes to bed and thinks about a new job. He thinks about going to night school to learn to be a tooth fairy, an easter bunny, or any kind of imaginary creature that doesn't take so much abuse. As he goes to sleep, his closet monster is Sneezer, who wants to play with him.

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