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Octavius is the captain of the Octopi Pirates and Gotcha Grabmore's Right-Hand Man. He appears in the episode, Whale's Tales, and is voiced by the late Phil Hartman.


Octavius is a purple Octopus with a Pirate Captain hat, an eyepatch on his left eye, and a blue shirt with eight sleeves.


He first appeared with Gotcha as he and his crew hunted The Mother Whale and her child for her new cosmetics line. He and the other Octopi Pirates were successful in capturing the Mom, but not the Baby. He was later seen again at Gotcha's new cosmetics factory in the middle of the ocean, when both looked down at the Mother Whale in the tank, as they were planing to kill her and use her blubber for their cosmetics. Later, he is seen when he spotted the Baby Whale trying to free his mother and ordered his crew to capture him. Then he appeared again with a few of his crew mates as they were tied up by Buster, but managed to escape when he and the others were being chased by seagulls. His last appearance in this episode was when he was captured by Elmyra (who came to the factory to get the Baby Whale back), and made into her new pet.