Beverly Archer

Nurse Klienerman is a minor character on Tiny Toon Adventures. She appears in the episode, Grandma's Dead as the school nurse at Harvey Korman Elementary. She is voiced by Beverly Archer.


Nurse Klienerman is a woman with brown hair who wears glasses and a common school nurse outfit.


After Elmyra is sent to the nurse's office after passing out in class, we see her chatting to a friend of hers about another friend who claims to have spotted Elvis daning with Kevin Sullivan in the viaduct. When Elmrya arrives at her office, she asks her what's wrong. Elmyra tells the Nurse that Grandma is dead (she of course, is referring to her pet hamster, Jan Brady, but Nurse Kleinerman thinks she is talking about her actual Grandmother). After hearing about this, she calls her friend Cora, the telephone operator, and tells her that Grandma Duff has just passed on. She is later seen with her friend Cora at Elmyra's house for the funeral, and just like the other guests, MacArthur collects her tears for his experiment of turning them into drinking water. Later at the backyard, she, along with the others, drinks the water that MacArthur made from their tears, only to spit it out in disgust. After finding out that Elmyra's Grandmother isn't dead, she and the other guests left the funeral.

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