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Tiny Toon Adventures
New Class Day
Season 3, Episode 80
The Tiny Toons at the auditorium, signing up for their new classes
Air date 15 September 1992
Written by Paul Dini, Sherri Stoner
Directed by Byron Vaughns
Gag credit Black and White - Is Cheaper to Paint
Aquaman, Batman, Flash, Hawkman, Justice League, Superman, and Wonder Woman are trademarks of DC Comics Inc. © 1992. All Rights Reserved. Used with permission.
End tag Dizzy: "Show over!"
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New Class Day is the second episode of the third season of Tiny Toon Adventures, the 81st in production, and the 80th episode overall.


Buster and Babs are outside Acme Looniversity. Buster says it's New Class Day at Acme Looniversity. Hamton then asks Plucky what his next class will be. Plucky tells him, "Super Heroics 101." Hamton tells Plucky that's his next class as well, and wonders what their assignments will be. As they go into the class, Buster is now Superbun, who flies through a brick wall, injuring himself, Babs is now Wonder Babs, battling an octopus, who tosses her, and Plucky is now Batduck, who stands from a building and tosses a disc with the Batman logo, which knocks him off the building. Plucky says, "Maybe we can transfer to shop class."

In the second act, Buster and Babs go to the Gymnasium to get the lists for their new classes. Buster asks Babs what she got for first period, and Babs tells him, "Silent Cartoon Interpretation." Buster asides that cartoons originally were in black and white with no sound. As the Tiny Toons walk into a black and white schoolroom with a "Quiet please" sign on it, Babs tells the viewers not to adjust their television sets, as the next cartoon is supposed to be in black and white. The doorknob then shushes her and she and Buster go inside.

In the third act, Buster looks at his schedule and finds his next class is Classic Comedy Team Workshop. He says that class is where tons learn to imitate famous comedy stars. Buster mentions that, as okay as comedy teams are, he prefers telling jokes solo. Babs, as Groucho Marx, says, "Preferably solo, we can't hear you," and dresses Buster in his Chico Marx costume.


The Just-Us League of Supertoons

Plucky says his story began when he and Decoy the Pig Hostage were having one of their rigorous training sessions in the Duck Cave. In the duck cave, Hamton, as Decoy, is helping Plucky put on his Batduck costume, and is having trouble, as the zipper is stuck. The phone rings, Plucky rushes over to answer it. The answering machine is about to answer the call for him, but Plucky presses a button to confirm he is here. On the screen is Buster Bunny as Superbun, all-American hero and leader of the Just-us League of Supertoons. Buster then tells Plucky that there is a spot available in the League and wonders if Plucky would like to fill it. Plucky tells Buster that he would like to consider it. Buster tells Plucky to meet him at their headquarters tonight.

That night, Plucky, driving the Batduckmobile, tells Hamton that once he is in the Just-Us League of Supertoons, his merchandising deals will skyrocket. Hamton is excited to be fighting evil alongside the world's greatest heroes. Plucky stops the Batduckmobile in the valet parking and tells the valet to park the car for him without scratching the chrome. As Plucky and Hamton go inside the headquarters, the valet reveals himself as Wex Wuthor (Montana Max).

Inside the headquarters, Buster introduces Plucky to the Just-Us League of Supertoons, consisting of himself, Wonder Babs, Little Dasher (Little Beeper), Hawk Loon (Shirley), Aquamutt (Byron Basset), Pink Canary (Sweetie), Keen Arrow (Calamity Coyote), and Scentenna (Fifi). After demonstrating their super powers to him, they ask Plucky what his super powers are. Plucky explains to them he uses his fearsome image and his high-tech weaponry. Buster asks Plucky if he doesn't have any super powers, and Plucky tells them "Nope, but I am a heck of a clog dancer. Buster, unimpressed by Plucky, rejects him from the League. Plucky then tells Buster that he wouldn't join the League if Buster got down on his knees and begged him. As he and Hamton leave, Buster tells the others that the league is better off without him. Suddenly, Montana Max breaks in to declare that as Wex Wuthor, he will defeat the Just-Us League. Buster is not scared of him, as Monty doesn't have any super powers either, but Monty declares that he will after he steals theirs. He zaps the League with a "super-power transfer thingy" in this suit, and declares that he will become the most powerful super villain after he steals their powers. Plucky returns, as he forgot to get his parking ticket validated, and is shocked to find Monty stealing the League's powers. Monty zaps Plucky to try to steal his power, but, having no super powers himself, Plucky is unaffected. Apparently not meant to be used on non-powered beings, the transfer device backfires, returning the stolen powers to the League while Monty gets, as Buster puts it, "the powers of an egotistical green duck." Plucky kicks the powerless Monty, and the Just-Us League cheers for him for saving them.

Plucky says that he and Hamton won key positions in the Just-Us League of Supertoons, Plucky as a valet.

Sound Off

Buster rides his bike to Babs' Burrow, and when he arrives, he knocks on the mailbox. The mailboxes then knocks Buster's head, and Babs waves to Buster, with a dialogue box saying, "Hi Buster!" Buster laughs, and his dialogue box says, "You look like an ink blot test!" Babs, unamused, picks up a picnic basket and Buster follows her to the park. Her dialogue box says, "Get a life, let's go to the picnic!"

At the park, Buster and Babs pass under a banner tied to two trees, that says, "Tiny Toon Picnic Today." The two Os in Toon are really a pair of eyes. Buster and Babs pass by their friends, Hamton, Calamity, Fifi, and Shirley, and set up a spot near a tree. To Buster's surprise, the supplies in the picnic basket are set up perfectly in front of him, and his dialogue box says, "Show off". Babs giggles, and her dialogue box says, "I just can't help myself". A sequence card then says, "Enter… the villain!", with Buster holding a sign that says "Boo! Hiss!" below it. Dizzy Devil spins trough the forest, going under an anthropomorphic tree, smashing a boulder into many crying anthropomorphic rocks, and draining the pond of its water, turning fish into fish skeletons, which even the sun is appalled at. Dizzy then sees Buster and Babs, with the intent to eat them. Buster sees Dizzy and introduces himself, with his dialogue box saying, "Hi! I'm Buster Bunny!". Babs introduces herself, with her dialogue box saying, "And I'm Babs Bunny". Together, their dialogue box says, "…No Relation…" Dizzy then yells at Buster and Babs, turning them a pale white. Buster and Babs whistle, and a paintbrush paints them black and white again. Dizzy eats their food and the picnic blanket, and Buster, now mad, has a dialogue box that says, "Don't get mad, get even!", with Buster lighting several matches on Dizzy's toes below. Buster then pulls off his ears and uses them as a hammer to smash Dizzy. He then puts his ears back on and he and Babs laugh at the flattened Dizzy, who reverts to normal and gets angry. He spins after them, and Babs' dialogue box says, "Got a plan?". With Buster and Babs now running, Buster's dialogue box says, "Yup!". They hide in a tree, and Buster pulls the hole in it up, causing Dizzy to crash into the tree. A bunch of acorns fall on Dizzy and Buster sweeps him and the acorns under the tree. The tree spits Dizzy out and he lands on Hamton's barbecue. Hamton washes the burnt Dizzy off with a bucket of water, and Dizzy returns to the tree. Dizzy reaches into the hole in the tree and pulls out Fifi, whose dialogue card says, "Kees me!" Dizzy, who is driven away by Fifi's smell, runs away, and the lovestruck Fifi's dialogue box says, "What a man!" Fifi chases after Dizzy, and Babs whistles. Dizzy jumps on her bike, and rides through what appear to be different backgrounds, which are later revealed to be provided by a machine behind him. Buster and Babs then escape off the paper into the animator's studio, where they find an inkwell and take it back with them. They open it and trap Dizzy, who sinks in the ink. They then use the inkwell's nozzle to suck up the ink, and trap Dizzy in the inkwell. Buster and Babs then celebrate by paling ring-around-the-rosy with Hamton, Calamity, Fifi, and Shirley.

After the cartoon irises out, Buster, Babs, Plucky, and Hamton, now in color, leave the class to get ready for their next one. Babs says, "That was kind of fun!", and Buster jokes by saying, "Yeah, it's the quietest you've been in class all year!" Babs sarcastically laughs, as Dizzy, still in the inkwell, escapes in a back inky mess, and spins through the hall.

A Night in Kokomo

Hamton, dressed as Zeppo Marx, receives a phone call. He calls for Ms. Writtenhouse to tell her that the bank is going to foreclose noes they get some customers. Ms. Writtenhouse assures Hamton that she hired the most respected hotel manager in the world, Dr. Leslie Hackensack. Hamton says, "Dr. Hackensack? Why, he's a…" but before he can continue, he is interrupted by Babs, dressed as Groucho Marx, who says, "Say it and I'll sue!" She then introduces herself to Ms. Writtenhouse, who tells her that she is Susan Writtenhouse III. Babs then jokes about how the other 2 must be under her dress. Ms. Writtenhouse then tells Babs that, on behalf of Kokomo's Coconut Cabanas, she embraces her. Buster, dressed as Chico Marx, brings a hot dog cart, and Ms. Writtenhouse introduces him to her. Babs suspects that Buster looks an ex-con she used to know. Buster jokes that she thinks he looks like himself. As Ms. Writtenhouse leaves, Babs asks Buster what he's serving. Inside the hot dog cart is Gogo Dodo, dressed as Harpo Marx, with a tennis ball and racket. Buster tells her, "We're serving tennis balls." Buster introduces Gogo to Babs, and tells her he's in a band. Babs asks Gogo, "What kind of band do you have?" and Gogo launches a rubber band. Babs then asks Buster, "Where are his instruments?" and Gogo, dressed as a nurse, pulls various items out of his medical bag. Babs responds, "Surgical instruments. I had to ask." Buster then tells Babs they have to discuss payment. Buster tells Babs that Gogo gets $50 an hour for playing, $100 an hour for not playing, and $200 an hour for rehearsing, and an unexplained expensive cost for not rehearsing, as, "you couldn't afford it." Babs calculates the total cost of $63,000,000.02. Babs tells Gogo she'll match his current salary, and Buster responds, "He's not being paid nothing.", a deal Babs agrees to. As Gogo leaves, Babs tells Gogo not to forget to write and not to forget to never come back. Babs Tells Buster she has a plan, and talks to him outside. Her plan is that they will put a sign saying that offers a 75 cent dinner that will knock the customer's eyes out. She tells Buster to put the sign out by the viaduct. Buster asks, "viaduct?" and Babs, thinking he meant "Why a Duck?" tells him that's the secret word, and sends Plucky down on a rope with a dollar in his mouth. Shen then takes the dollar from his mouth and gives it to Buster. Ms. Writtenhouse returns to tell Buster and Babs that the bank just called to tell them they are about to foreclose. Babs tells Ms. Writtenhouse to invite the bank manager over for dinner tonight, and the hotel will be full when he arrives. Ms. Writtenhouse approves this plan.

That night, as dinner is being served, Buster and Gogo look at a sausage and Buster thinks that one sausage is not going to be enough for 100 hungry people. Gogo eats the sausage, and Buster tells him there's nothing. He wishes he had some fish, and Gogo pulls out a fishing rod and reels in Ms. Writtenhouse. Her weight overrides the scale, and Gogo thinks about serving her. Ms. Writtenhouse asks for Gogo to put her down, and Buster agrees, as she's too big. Gogo tosses Ms. Writtenhouse out of the kitchen and she lands in the dining hall. Babs arrives and introduces Ms. Writtenhouse to Mr. Mayonnaise, the bank manager. Ms. Writtenhouse is delighted to see Mr. Mayonnaise, who tells her that her business is improving. Babs tells him that business is booming, and then hears an explosion from the kitchen. She then goes to the kitchen to see what caused the explosion. Inside the kitchen, Buster tells Babs that he and Gogo are going to serve Plucky for dinner. Babs then tells Buster that he has to get his food out to the bank manager immediately. Babs stalls Ms. Writtenhouse, Mr. Mayonnaise, and the crowd by proposing a toast and praising the hotel. Unfortunately, Mr. Mayonnaise is hungry and impatient to when he and the crowd are going to eat. Buster and Gogo arrive, announcing that dinner is served. He then reveals that Plucky is tonight's dinner, much to the crowd's impression. They are about to behead him when he escapes. He then brings in Hamton on a plate with an apple in his mouth. Ms. Writtenhouse asks how she can ever repay Babs, and Babs tells her, "A paycheck will do." Ms. Writtenhouse then asks Babs how she got so many customers here, and Babs tells her, "believe me, it was nothing, nothing at all." revealing the big sign outside the hotel, saying FREE DINNER TONIGHT.


  • In the episode segment, The Just-us League of Supertoons, each character parodies a DC comics superhero.
    • Buster (as Superbun) - Superman
    • Babs (as Wonder Babs) - Wonder Woman
    • Plucky (as Batduck) - Batman
    • Hamton (as Decoy the Pig Hostage) - Robin the Boy Wonder
    • Shirley the Loon (as Hawk Loon)- Hawk Girl
    • Little Beeper (as Little Dasher) - The Flash
    • Byron Basset (as Aquamutt) - Aquaman
    • Sweetie (as Pink Canary) - Black Canary
    • Calamity Coyote (as Keen Arrow) - Green Arrow
    • Fifi La Fume (as Scentenna) - Zatanna
  • In the third wraparound, Concord, Fowlmouth, and Furrball are dressed as Moe, Curly, and Larry, respectively, from The Three Stooges. Also, Calamity Coyote and Little Beeper dress as Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel.
  • The third wraparound is an homage to the Marx Brothers' films. Babs plays Groucho, Buster plays Chico complete with Italian accent, reflecting the real Chico's stage and screen career of portraying Italian characters, Gogo plays Harpo, and Hampton plays Zeppo. The woman with black hair who never seems to react to Babs'/Groucho's jokes is modeled after Margaret Dumont, who has appeared in many of the Marxes' films.


  • In a deleted scene for "The Just-use League of Supertoons", after Superbun introduces AquaMutt, Wonder Babs spills water on Aquamutt, and Aquamutt turns into a muscular version of himself.
  • In "The Just-us League of Supertoons", Plucky as Batduck was rejected from the league for not having any super powers. Calamity as Keen Arrow doesn't seem to have any super powers, either, but was somehow approved into the league.
  • Even though the second segment is supposed to be silent, there are still select sound effects.
  • The scene with Bugs, Babs, and Plucky from the third segment was re-used at the end of the Cartoon Network Japan's promo for Tiny Toons.


Voice Actors Character(s):
Charlie Adler Buster Bunny, Mr. Mayonnaise
Tress MacNeille Babs Bunny, Mrs. Writtenhouse
Joe Alaskey Plucky Duck
Don Messick Hamton J. Pig
Danny Cooksey Montana Max
Frank Welker Gogo Dodo, Little Beeper



Batduck's Answering Machine (singing): "Batduck here
Please don't have a cow
But I can't—" (come to the phone right now)


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