Nasty (Middle), Slim (Right), and Lardo (Left) with Concord Condor

Nasty, Slim, and Lardo Condor are minor characters on Tiny Toon Adventures. They are Concord Condor's older brothers and the main antagonists of the Toons from the Crypt episode segment, Concord the Kindly Condor. Nasty is the eldest and the leader, Slim is the skinniest, and Lardo is short and stout. Nasty, Slim, and Lardo are voiced by Jim Cummings, Rob Paulsen, and Charlie Adler, respectively.

Concord the Kindly Condor

In Concord the Kindly Condor, the Condor brothers try to teach Concord how to be a real condor like them and eat defenseless animals. Concord, who wants to be a veterinarian, spends all his time helping defenseless animals and refuses to eat them. When Nasty sends him to catch a Squirrel with a broken tail, Concord takes him to his bed and takes care of him, much to Nasty's disapproval.

Later, Concord helps out an Old Elk by bringing him his medicine. Nasty, Slim, and Lardo have followed him and want to eat the Elk. Concord warns them that the Elk's medicine is about to kick in, but they are not scared. When the Elk's medicine kicks in, he ties them up in his walker.

As Concord helps out some animals, Nasty dresses Lardo up as Buster Bunny with a thorn in his paw to distract Concord while they snatch a Racoon who needs ointment. When Nasty does snatch the racoon, he, Slim, and Lardo all fight over who gets to eat him. Concord returns and tells them that the Racoon has a bad case of Poison Ivy.

Finally, Concord finds a Bear trapped in a tree trunk and leaves to get some ice to help the swelling go down. Nasty, Slim, and Lardo think that the trapped Bear is a smaller, more defenseless animal (In their opinions, a Ground Squirrel, a Possum, and a Chipmunk, respectively) and try to pull it out by the nose. Concord tries to warn them about the Bear, but they refuse to listen to him. The Bear breaks free and beats them up, and Concord takes them back to their cave to nurse them back to health. Nasty is grateful that Concord saved him, Slim, and Lardo, and decides that he can be a vet after all. Concord then decides to give his brothers something he gives all his patients. At first, Nasty, Slim, and Lardo expect to get lollipops, but Concord gives them their medical bill instead. Nasty, Slim, and Lardo run out of the cave, and Concord says, "Who says I don't prey on the weak and sickly?"


  • Concord's brothers are similar to The Ghostly Trio from Casper the Friendly Ghost, as well as Orson Pig's older brothers, Gort, Wart, and Mort, from Garfield and Friends.

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