Mr. Mouse (Right) and Mrs. Mouse (Left)

Mr. and Mrs. Mouse are Li'l Sneezer's parents who make a one-time appearance on Tiny Toon Adventures. Mr. Mouse is voiced by Rob Paulsen, and Mrs. Mouse is voiced by Kath Soucie (like Sneezer).

Mr. and Mrs. Mouse make a brief appearance in the Test Stress episode segment, Li'l Sneezer. Mrs. Mouse's silhouette is seen when an agent inside a building tells her they will send over their next available babysitter to 14 and 1/2 Mouse Hole Lane. Furrball, who is looking for a mouse so he can pass a test that Sylvester considers, "worthy of the great cartoon cats", overhears and writes down the address. A little later, when Furrball arrives at the address, disguised in a wig and dress, Mrs. Mouse tells him that they are leaving to see a movie, and that their son is taking a nap and there shouldn't be any trouble at all. On their way out, Mr. Mouse remarks to Mrs. Mouse that Furrball is the biggest babysitter that he had ever seen.


  • Mr. and Mrs. Mouse bear a striking resemblance to Hubie and Bertie.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Mouse are two of the few parents on the show whose faces are seen.

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