Mr. Max


Mrs. Max

Mr. and Mrs. Max are Montana Max's parents and minor antagonists in Tiny Toon Adventures franchise. Like Babs' Mother and Plucky's Parents, they are only seen from the neck down. They have made several appearances on Tiny Toon Adventures. Mr. Max is voiced by Frank Welker, while Mrs. Max is voiced by Tress MacNeille in Citizen Max and by Gail Matthius in Love Disconnection.


In the episode, Citizen Max, it was revealed in a newsreel, that when Montana Max gained control of his family's business in a hostile takeover, he kicked his own parents out of his mansion for making him eat brussels sprouts. In Buster's flashback, Mrs. Max tells a peasant Monty, who was Buster's best friend at the time, that they have won the lottery and have become rich, and picks him up in a limo.

Mr. Max appears on his own in the Playtime Toons episode segment, Fit to Be Toyed. He is seen relaxing by the pool, until one of the toys that Monty destroys in order to make room for new ones lands in his drink. Fed up with his spoiled son destroying his toys, Mr. Max calls Toys For Tots and tells them he has a donation, prompting a machine belonging to them to pick up the toys. When Monty decides he can buy more toys with his Acme Excess charge card, Mr. Max takes it away from him and cuts it up. Monty is left with nothing to do, so Mr. Max tells him to use his imagination. Towards the end of the cartoon, when he finds out that Monty is using his imagination to find different ways to play with a paddle ball, he decidedly gives him back his newly taped Acme Excess card, and is proud of him, as imagination is where real play begins.

Mrs. Max appears on her own in the Love Disconnection double-length episode segment, My Dinner With Elmyra. When she tells Monty that she is going out to dinner with a nice couple, she tells him they have a cute daughter, immediately exciting Monty, until he finds out that the daughter is Elmyra Duff. Monty does not want to go on a date with her, but Mrs. Max tells him that she and Mr. Max are close friends of the Duffs, and makes Monty go on a date with Elmyra, threatening to take away his allowance ($700,000 weekly) if he refuses. Monty reluctantly accepts and goes on his date with Elmyra.

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