Mr. Scratch is a one-time villain who appears in the Tiny Toon Adventures: Night Ghoulery segment Daniel Webfoot and the Devil.


Mr. Scratch is a red-skin demon with a black goatee, wearing a purple 19th century suit and hat.


Before Daniel Webfoot and the Devil began Montana Max made a deal with Mr. Scratch, Monty's soul  for $10 Million. After some time has pass, </span>Mr. Scratch came to collect Monty's Debt. However Plucky, as Daniel Webfoot, came to the house and learn about the deal. Plucky first tried to offer him another soul in but Mr. Scratch told him he wouldn't give him 0.40 in recycable cans. Then Plucky told him he'll see him in court, In which Mr. Scratch aggred and summmons spirts of pirates,thefts,traitors (and or some reason a network exclusive) as the jury. While Plucky was talking to the jury about Mr.Scratch and his false deals, He is seen making other deals with a line of people (with Beaver and Hoghead in front of the line). When asked how can he claim Monty's soul, Mr. Scratch showed him the contract Monty wrote in blood, Thus making him win the case. After Plucky and Monty was sent to the underworld and wondered where they are, Mr.Scratch appeared, removing his hat and showing them his horns, he tells them a place where all sinners go and began torturing them, But as they left, it is revealed that Mr.Scratch was non other then Babs in disguse.


  • Interestingly Ron Perlman, who voiced Mr.Scratch in this episode, would later voiced him again in Animaniacs episode hot bothered and bedeviled.

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