Monty's Ancestor

Montana Max's Prehistoric Ancestor is the ancestor of Montana Max in the episode A Ditch in Time. He is voiced by Danny Cooksey.


Montana Max's Prehistoric Ancestor resembles his descendants but with messy hair, a unibrow, and gray clothing.


After Plucky fell off the time machine, he landed in prehistoric Acme Acres, where he first encounter him and is whacked by him for being on his property. He later appears again when he came and want Acme Acres for himself. After Plucky told him to leave, he called Dizzy Devil's Prehistoric Ancestor to eat Plucky. The next morning after waking up, he sees  Babs' Prehistoric Ancestor coming out of the bathroom and sees that she left a mess. While running to towards her, he sees Buster's Prehistoric Ancestor messing with his cave pictures by painting a mustache on it and then began chasing. When he ran into the kitchen, he saw the kitchen a mess also. As he was about to whack Babs; Ancestor with his club, Buster swap it with a feather and instead of whacking her, he fann her by mistake.  Buster's told Monty's that since he destroyed their home, they are going to live in his. Upon hearing that, Monty's Ancestor rebuild Acme Acres to it former glory.


  • In this episode, it is shown that Monty's family are rich from the beginning, however in "Citizen Max," Monty and his family were poor until his father won the lottery. But that episode is considered non-canon by fans. 

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