Monanta Max's Gang are One-time characters who appeared in the episode Gang Busters. All three are voiced by Charlie Adler.


The first member is shown to be a tall guy with pale skin, wearing a green jumpsuit with gray pants and a black hat with a green strip.

The second one is shown to be a tall guy with tan skin dark circles in his eyes, wearing a red jumpsuit woth a black shirt under it and brown hair.

The last one is shown to be a tall guy with red hair, wearing a blue jacket with a white undershirt, with a gold chain. Brown pants and blue sneaks and the only one wearing glasses.


They first appeared behind Montana Max, as they were walking the street, scaring the kids and other people in the neighborhood. Each member said they want to steal stuff like Wheels, Cash and TV's. But Monty said they are going to the Acme Buy N' Buy and steal a Slushie Machine. When they entered, Rémi Bughari asks them if there is anything they want to purchase but Monty tells Remi that they're just looking and while Rémi was looking at a magazine, Monty and his Gang stole the Slushie and made their escapes. Then they bumped into Buster who was blocking their way. When Buster demands they give the slushie machine back, they toss the slushie machine on top of Buster and flee as the police arrive and Buster was framed. They later appeared again near the end, this time leaving their mark (which is a backwards "$") all over town. They are then confronted by Buster, Gogo, Plucky and Babs who began to have a rap battle with them. Then Buster pulls out his secret weapon; a prison bus that was retooled into giant boom box and blew them away. it assume that like Monty, They were sentenced to 3 months of juvenile hall and community service.


  • One of Monty's cronies first appeared in The Looney Beginning as one of the villains who escapes from the villains box.


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