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Michigan J. Frog is an animated cartoon character who debuted in the Looney Tunes cartoon "One Froggy Evening" (31 December 1955), written by Michael Maltese and directed by Chuck Jones. Michigan is a male frog who wears a top hat, carries a cane, sings pop music, ragtime, Tin Pan Alley hits, and other songs from the late 19th and early 20th century while dancing and performing acrobatics in the style of early 20th century vaudeville.

Michigan was voiced by John Hillner in Tiny Toon Adventures.

Tiny Toon Appearances

The character appears only twice in Tiny Toons; however, both appearances are fairly prominent.

In the short "Turtle Hurdle" from the Season 1 episode "The Wide World of Elmyra", Michigan taunts Tyrone Turtle as he tries to cross a newly-built freeway after escaping from Elmyra's home. Michigan hops back and forth across the road with ease while singing, as Tyrone's attempts are always met with disastrous results. In the end, Tyrone succeeds across, but Elmyra spots him from the road and her father stops the car for her. She runs out and grabs Tyrone until she sees something better (a singing and performing frog), so she drops Tyrone and snatches up Michigan to take home with her instead.

In the short "Class Cut-Up" from the episode "Psychic Fun-omenon Day", Foghorn Leghorn assigns his students to dissect frogs and Hamton's frog turns out to be Michigan J. Frog, who dances and sings when only Hamton is nearby. Thus, setting up a scenario similar to the classic Merry Melodies short "One Froggy Evening".