Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer is a one-time minor character who appears in the episode "The Return of Batduck".


Michelle Pfeiffer is an average size woman with blonde hair, wearing a full body dark-gray suit with dark-gray boots, gloves with claws on them,a utility belt and cat ears on her head.


While Plucky, in his Batduck Suit, is walking on the set of Batman Returns, he spoted Michelle Pfeiffer as she was putting on her boots for her CatWoman costume Plucky is attracted to her beauty and kisses her leg. Michelle tells her, "Get lost, Duck!" and scrapes his beak in half with her claws.


  • This Michelle Pfeiffer is voiced by Cree Summer who is best known to voice Elmyra Duff and Mary Melody.
    • Coincidentally, Cree Summers currently voices Catwoman in DC Superhero Girls (2019).
  • Interestingly there's a villianess name Polecat Woman from the BatDuck cartoons who is a parody of CatWoman.
  • Unlike the Michelle Pfeiffer in real life, this one doesn't have a mask.

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