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This article is of a cast or crew member who worked on Tiny Toon Adventures who is still living to this day, and is written from a real-world perspective.

Maurice LaMarche

Maurice at the 2010 Comic Con in San Diego, California, on a panel for Futurama

Maurice LaMarche (born March 30, 1958) is an Emmy Award-winning Canadian voice-actor and former stand-up comedian. He is best known for his voice over work in series such as Futurama, Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, and The Real Ghostbusters.

His Tiny Toons voice roles include Dizzy Devil, Yosemite Sam, The Tasmanian Devil, Gossamer, and various other characters.

He also replaced the late Joe Alaskey as the voice of Plucky Duck for the remaining episodes of the series. Alaskey later rerecorded LaMarche's lines when he was asked to return for the show.


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