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Marc Antony protecting Pussyfoot from Claude Cat in Looney Tunes

Marc Antony is a recurring Looney Tunes character that appears rarely on Tiny Toon Adventures. Marc Antony is a burly bulldog that is usually brown with a tan belly and black ears, but his coloration varies in some shorts. Although never seen together, Barky Marky is his Tiny Toon's counterpart.

Appearances on Tiny Toon Adventures

In the Furrball Follies episode segment, Cross-Country Kitty, Marc Antony makes a cameo appearance alongside various other WB cartoon dogs, such as Charlie Dog and Sam Sheepdog, as Sweetie has invited various dogs over to Mary Melody's apartment to celebrate Furrball's "birthday" (which is really just a plan by Sweetie to prevent Furrball from eating her).

In Citizen Max, Marc Antony is seen with many other Acme Acres citizens and students campaigning for the next Acme Looniversity student body president between Buster and Montana Max.

Marc Antony appears briefly in The Acme Bowl, spectating a football game between Acme Loo and Perfecto Prep.

In the Mr. Popular's Rules of Cool episode segment of the same name, Marc Antony, along with Papa Bear and Claude Cat, kick Hamton out of Acme Looniversity for performing "uncool" dance moves in a room meant to learn to dance in "10 easy lessons." He is also seen with Charlie Dog standing outside in line at Cool Club waiting to get inside.