Madame Jete (left) with Shirley (right)

Madame Jeté is a character who makes a one-time appearance on Tiny Toon Adventures. She appears in the Music Day episode segment, Loon Lake. Her head is never shown on-screen. She is a swan and the owner and ballet instructor of Madame Jeté's Ballet Academy. She is voiced by Gail Matthius.

Appearance on the Show

At the beginning of Loon Lake, after Shirley and the Swan Dancers practice their ballet, Madame Jeté applauds and tells the girls how excellent they've performed, telling them they will be perfect at tomorrow's recital. After the Swan Dancers leave, Shirley walks up to her and thanks her. She then pats Shirley on the head and tells her to get plenty of rest, as tomorrow is a big day. She then dances away as Shirley heads to the dressing room to change her clothes.

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