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Tiny Toon Adventures
Looniversity Daze
Season 1, Episode 42
Buster and Babs outside Bugs' class
Air date 21 November 1990
Written by Paul Dini, Eddie Fitzgerald, Jim Reardon, Stephen Langford
Directed by Gerard Baldwin
Gag credit The show is over - Go do your homework
End tag Buster & Babs: "Aloha!"
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Looniversity Daze is the 42nd broadcast episode and tenth production episode of Tiny Toon Adventures.


Buster and Babs welcome the viewers in song and show them what a typical day in Acme Looniversity is like. Among their first stops is the principal's office, and they say they don't want to end up there.

In the second act, it is noon, time for lunch. Buster and Babs say that while most of the students have lunch in the cafeteria, Bookworm, as the smartest student in class, has his lunch at the Looniversity Library.

In the third act, Buster and Babs talk about the Looniversity faculty, including Pete Puma the Janitor, and Foghorn Leghorn, who assigns his students surprise pop quizzes.


The Learning Principal

As Yosemite Sam is teaching his class, Buster reveals to the viewers his private stock of novelty gags. He constantly disrupts Sam's class, and Sam threatens to send the culprit to the principal's office. Buster replaces his apple with a pineapple, and when he returns to his desk, Sam is there, as he found out Buster is the culprit. He sends Buster to the Principal's office, and Buster reluclantly obeys him.

Plucky is outside, as he has overheard. Buster tells him he was sent to the principal's office, much to Plucky's horror. Plucky assures Buster that he's here for him in the little time he has left. He asks Buster if he can have his stereo, but Buster refuses to give it to him.

As Buster goes up the stairs on his way to the principal's office, Babs is dressed in a mourning gown, crying, as she has heard what has happened. Buster tells Babs that he is willing to take the fall this time. She asks him if she can have his stereo, and Buster tells her she is out of his will.

Hamton appears in one of the lockers, dressed as a priest, telling Buster about his naughty actions. He tells him that as a hero to the other students, he has a reputation to live up to, and that none of them will respect him if he has such high spirits on his way to the principal's. Buster tells him that he's not ready to cower. As he approaches the principal's office, The Great and Powerful Principal of Looniversity talks to him about what he did in Yosemite Sam's class. The Great and Powerlful Principal of Looniversity thinks up an appropriate punishment for him, including confiscating his stereo. Buster discovers The Great and Powerful Principal of Looniversity is a machine controlled by Bugs Bunny. He asks him why the machine was used, and Bugs tells him, "It worked for The Wizard of Oz." He also tells him that sometimes students need motivation to help them pass their classes. He tells Buster that he isn't working hard enough and needs to improve his performance. He whispers to him on what he can do.

When Buster returns, Sam asks if the principal reformed him. Buster tells him, "I reckon he did!" and continues to pull pranks on him. Bugs asks Sam, "Looks like the kid's improvin' eh, Doc?", and Sam gives Buster an A in Class Clowning 101. Buster thanks Sam by handing him an exploding apple, and Sam says, "I hate class clown rabbits."

Eating Between the Lines

It's lunchtime, and while the library is out to lunch, Bookworm has it all to himself, or so he thinks. Sweetie Bird, knowing that Bookworm goes there for lunch, has been spying on him. She wants to eat him, and she chases him all over the library. He knocks her unconscious with a book called The Mike Tyson Story.

Later, as she looks for him, she looks in The Jungle Book and is chased by the animals from the book. She decides to hide in the cave from Goldilocks and the Three Bears, only to get kicked out by one of the bears.

Meanwhile, Bookworm is trying to hide from her, so he disguises himself as a teddy bear to hide in Sleeping Beauty. Sweetie is ready to hit him with a hammer, but she can't find him, so he grabs her hammer and whacks her instead. She eventually catches him, but the rocket from Right Stuff chases her all over the library. The rocket hits her with a fly swatter, and she and Bookworm begin to fall. The catcher from Catcher in the Rye catches Bookworm, but Sweetie lands in The Onion Field and begins to cry. She never caught Bookworm, who catches up to her. She uses an onion to make him cry, to distract him so she can eat him. Just as she is about to eat him, the bell rings and lunch period is over. The students go into the library, and Bookworm frees himself, hiding in Worm Lore. Sweetie says, "When will I learn to stop playing with my food?" and repeatedly bangs her head against a bookshelf. A book that says That's All Folks! lands on her, and she says, "Oh, well. I can always curl up in a good book."

What's Up, Nurse?

It's time for Foghorn Leghorn to assign his students to take a pop quiz about hound-teasing tricks. Plucky doesn't know any hound-teasing tricks, as he has forgotten to study. Babs tells him that Foghorn told them to study yesterday, when Plucky was seeing how long he could balance a pencil on his beak. Plucky fakes being sick to get out of the pop quiz, including sneezing his beak off. Foghorn sends him to the Nurse's office to prevent him from infecting the other students.

At the waiting room, Calamity Coyote, Montana Max, Furrball, Sweetie, and Barky Marky are all waiting. Plucky asks them, "You guys had a pop quiz, too?", and they all nod yes. Granny asks which of them is in the most pain, and Plucky tells her he is, once again faking sneezing his beak off. Granny sends her student nurse Elmyra Duff to take care of him.

Elmyra takes Plucky to his room and attempts to take his temperature. Plucky refuses, but she is persistent. She decides to check his reflexes instead, and whacks him with a hammer. He lands next to a nightstand and holds the flowers from the vase. He tells Elmyra he's dying, and she rushes off to try to revive him. She uses a defibrillator and is relieved to find him alive. He runs off, and she borrows an X-ray from the X-ray room to find him. She finds him in the Cat Scan room, dressed as a doctor, and he tells her she is late for her test. He scans her, and finds she has ducks on the brain. He advises her to stay away from ducks altogether, but she suspects he is Plucky in disguise and tries to yank his beard off. Plucky tells her he is a real doctor and that his beard is real as he attempts to yank it off to prove it. He succeeds in yanking the beard off, and she discovers the doctor was Plucky in disguise.

Elmyra takes Plucky to the operating room to operate immediately. Plucky yells to her that he lied and he wants to take the test, but she thinks he is delirious and attempts to operate. Plucky escapes, and she asks the other patients who's next. They run away and join Plucky as well. Just as Plucky makes it back to class, the test is over and the excited students run over him.

Plucky is back in the nurse's office, in a lot of pain. Foghorn tells him it's too bad he missed the test, and sent him a tutor. The tutor is Elmyra, much to Plucky's horror. He runs out of the office as Buster and Babs end the episode.


  • In the beginning of the episode, Bugs tells his class about the "Would you like to shoot me now?" routine from "Rabbit Seasoning".
  • In "The Learning Principal", Buster imitates Humphrey Bogart.
  • In "The Learning Principal", the discussion between priest Hamton and gangster Buster references the 1938 movie Angels with Dirty Faces.
  • In "The Learning Principal", The Great and Powerful Principal of Looniversity is a parody of the Great and Powerful Oz from the 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz. He previously appeared in "Her Wacky Highness", though looking different.
  • In "The Learning Principal", Bugs mentions Roger Rabbit, the star of the 1988 Disney/Spielberg film Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
  • "What's Up Nurse?" is a play on Bugs Bunny's famous catchphrase "What's up, Doc?"


  • In production order, this is the first episode of Tiny Toons to feature Bugs Bunny.
  • In "The Learning Principal", one of the students resembles Mary Melody, but is Caucasian with brownish-blonde hair.
  • In "The Learning Principal", one of the students resembles Plucky, but with purple feathers and a baby-blue tank top. The real Plucky is outside waiting for Buster.
  • In "The Learning Principal", a running gag is everybody asking Buster for his stereo.
  • In the second wraparound, as Hamton holds back Calamity, who is trying to catch Little Beeper, Calamity is barefoot.
  • Despite being the tenth episode produced, stock footage from "Never Too Late to Loon" of Shirley eating her lunch briefly appears in the second wraparound.
  • "Eating Between the Lines" mirrors the Looney Tunes short "Book Revue".
  • Two different versions of the scene in "The Learning Principal" exist when Buster says, "That's my name don't wear it out," and the Principal says, "Silence!" One version was animated by Encore, the other was animated by Startoons. In each version, Buster has a different reaction animation in response to the Principal yelling at him. The Startoons version is considered lost, as the Encore version is the one that was included on the Tiny Toon Adventures: Season 1 Vol. 2 DVD.
  • Two other scenes changed when the show was brought to Nickelodeon, in the Fox airings of the scene in "The Learning Principal" when Hamton confronts Buster dressed as a priest he shook and slapped him, the actions were cut but the accompanying sound effects were kept in, and the segment "Eating Between The Lines" in the scene where Bookworm disguises himself as a teddy bear and climbs in bed with Sleeping Beauty to hide from Sweetie, he then takes Sweetie's mallet from her and whacks her with it, one version was animated by Startoons and the other by Encore, the Encore version is the one included on the "Tiny Toon Adventures: Season 1 Vol. 2" DVD, the Startoons version is considered lost.
  • During the first segment, after Buster was forced to go to the principal's office, Calamity, Hamton, and Furrball ended up appearing in the classroom even though they didn't appear in the beginning.


  • In "Eating Between the Lines", when Sweetie uses an onion to make Bookworm cry, her arm is green.
  • In "What's Up, Nurse?", when Plucky goes into the waiting room, some of the students he sees were already in his class taking the test earlier.


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Charlie Adler Buster Bunny
Tress MacNeille Babs Bunny
Joe Alaskey Plucky Duck
Don Messick Hamton J. Pig
Cree Summer Elmyra Duff
Candi Milo Sweetie Bird
Frank Welker Bookworm
Jeff Bergman Bugs Bunny, Foghorn Leghorn, Yosemite Sam
Noel Blanc The Great and Powerful Principal of Looniversity
June Foray Granny
Stan Freberg Pete Puma


  • The Great and Powerful Principal: "What would be a fitting punishment? Boiling in oil? Stretched on a rack? I hear you have a nice stereo we could confiscate."
Buster: "Geez, am I the only one around here with a CD player?"
  • Granny: "Elmyra's our best student nurse. You'd think you're in Heaven!"
Plucky (as Elmyra is hugging him): "If she squeezes any harder, I will be!"


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